Monday, September 26, 2011

Durga Puja holidays round the corner

Durga puja is round the corner, and it is holiday time. Past four years, during Durga puja, I have set to do many enjoyable activities. I been to Taj Mahal in one of the puja daysand it shall never fade from my memory for it was a total dismay to have visited on Friday when Muslims pray. And last year and a year before as well, with my friends, we went to have some fun in Fun and Food village in Gurgaon. And with just one week left for my holiday to begin, I am now confused without any plan in my niche.
Durga Puja is one of the longest holidays we have. It is a stretch of sacred days celebrated paying homage to Hindu Goddess Durga. The festival is celebrated with so much energy and worshiping by Hindus. As for Delhi, this year’s Puja theme is 100 years of Delhi as a Capital of India.
Well, most of my friends here must be thinking why can’t I come up to Bhutan and be a part of historic Royal Wedding. Well I would love to be a part of the celebration. But not everyone can wish for what one needs, I have to live on the very strict finance with my scholarship money being the only source of expenditure. I missed the coronation as well, but this time unlike previous experience, I would definitely make a point to be in Bhutanese Embassy in Delhi to watch the live broadcasting of Royal Wedding in BBS television.
Till, then I am hopeful that my last Durga Puja holidays (hopefully) will be lived and enjoyed with something memorable and exciting. I will share with you, my friends.

Using facebook to name a child

This is not really about facebook, to begin. It is rather about what kind of ideas people use the social networking site for. I wonder whether Mark ever thought of his facebook being used for purposes like naming the child, or using for conducting polls on various issues. More than 800 million users are there in facebook, so given the huge users it has it kind of appears rational to in fact get more opinions and votes.
Sometime back, a father in Egypt named his daughter “Facebook” funnily to show his appreciation to the social networking site, and there was also a couple who named their child, “Like” after the Facebook feature.
Apparently, a couple in Illinois asked the facebook users to help them choose the name for their unborn daughter. Yeah, you got it right, I bet, something that Mark would have never envisaged. I guess when things become more suitable and adaptable for people, the users come up with more ideas as to how one should use it. It’s just the matter of time, before we could have a whole bunch of citizens voting in a polling station like facebook or even for choosing the lovers. The best that holds the eyes of many would surely lure the heart away.
It isn’t funny; the husband has a  good idea behind his intention. And it is that it will kind of be interesting to have a story behind the name. Now that’s a legend even before being born. Only few create stories after being born.
We sure live within the confines of technology and the virtual world affecting the real lives.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogyul Magazine on Blessed Rainy Day

Happy blessed Rainy day.
Hope every one of you will have a wonderful time today.
As for me, i have marked the day with the online publishing of my compilation of Blogyul; reader's own magazine. Those who have given me the email id in Blogyul page in facebook, I have mailed every one of you. Hope you find it good. 
With your commitment and participation, we have reached today to this stage where we could come up with such a magazine. Thank you folks.
And those who wishes to have a pdf copy of it, you can either leave me the email id or you can download it directly from the link below,
Till then, enjoy your day, and Once again Happy thrue to everyone.
It’s time to bath in a holy water and clean one’s sin.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to make world peaceful?

“The most disadvantageous peace is better than the just war.”-Unknown
Of course, there were never a bad and a good war, it was always a bad war. But peace, can it be disadvantageous? For the noun that describes the harmony (I bet Harmony is one the most beautiful words in English dictionary, any doubt over it?), a state of mind which is free of any violent thoughts, and tranquility soured life, peace is just the most sought quality, state, or possession world seeks right now. Amidst violence due to civil wars, political disruption and economic crises, there is nothing else that people desire for more than the peace.
Today, world has become a place where fear of being killed in terror attack, fear of being crashed in a civil war, fear of not getting a proper a job, dear of deadly disease, fear of natural disaster and fear for violent acts associated with human being. There is no way to end these things, it begins and spreads like a plague. Even if one ends, another rises.
However, like a person in darkness lights the space in front, the act if repeated by other people, there is a complete bright world we would create. It’s just a simple act that if everyone keeps their own backyard safe and clean, ultimately everything around is safe and peaceful. So if everyone keeps the small world around us peaceful, there is always a better chance that world is a peaceful planet.
Today is its 30th year, since its inception in 1981, 21st September by United Nation.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glory days are way behind us

Once pompous, now a fading shadow; we were once an invincible, but now we are getting invisible. Nothing remains same, I heard it often and not to mention how world is filled with so many process of changes. However, it is seldom that people get into the line with these truths of nature not until we are the subject of change; we are never free to observe and realize the importance of enjoying while it lasts.
Well, before you, my friends begin to wonder what made me feel so drown up in the sentimental ocean, let me make it clean; Invincible, the team that me and my three friends have formed to play in a fuzz ball tournament, lost with a total demolishing score 7-2 to a certain team that used to fear us. Yesterday, this group of people who didn’t even know how to kick a ball properly four years back, just showed us why invincible is a non-existent adjective in dictionary. We were floored, complete catastrophe. There was no game plan nor was there a proper fight back spirit amongst invincible. God spared us for certain half a dozen and one while it could have gone further more.
Never in career of five years, had I such a disgracing moment. How am I able to digest the fact that I got once into a semi final of the tournament? Yeah folks, I missed a final by an inch, but over the years, like a waning moon, we have grown into a dimmer and dimmer circle. Perhaps a better self comforting consolation is that most of our teams have gained weight, and I am the one with most weight. I took on more than 15 kg in two years. Can’t imagine, how I am suppose to come into a fit physical shape.
The day is never far for invincible to stop dreaming and hanging up the boots.
I would have rather been silent on this match, but it is shared with an interest that these small happenings in life teach us more things about life like me turning into a philosophical loser.
I don’t know what my friend Penjor will rap now. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rappers on football field

We have a tiger football competition in our hostel everywhere. We called it Fuzz Ball. Every team of four competes and usually matches are played at night in a light. The courtyard in the middle of the hostel building provides us the field, fortified one to play the night fuzz ball.

It’s been five years now, from a meek first year team to a very lazy senior team, I have been having a wonderful time playing fuzz ball. Generally two teams from Bhutanese students compete in a tournament; Invincible and Highlanders. However, unlike previous years, the war has begun before reaching the football field amongst the two teams. We enjoy comparing each other and trying so hard to establish superiority over each other albeit both the teams end up getting knocked out even before completing third round. Of course, Highlanders have reached the final last year.

Thought both the teams have started the tournament with decent win, the war of words that the players had is pretty interesting to read. My friends literally can rap better than John Cena, 50 Cent, Eminem or Lil Wayne.

Here it goes,

Pema Wangchuk (highlander) –
finally Titans will meet,
so shall glory kiss our(highlanders) feet...

our name will be spoken
 and our opponents' ego will be broken...

we are ready to go dirty,
it doesn't matter whether they are four or forty....

record will be set..
as we kick every ball behind the net...

and let me complete with this line...

Tshering Penjor (Invincible)-

think ur a bull..but ur just a calf...

u aint no titans, nor shall kiss ur feet

yes u go dirty, But c us go neat..
mind ur own ego, like mindin the balls
its our time, Invincible calls.
mind ur words..coz we r ready to brawl..

like soldiers at war, or a futball exhibition hall

we show dem skills, 
go for the kills
stop ur crappy syllables..
we r the invincibles..

Pema wangchuk(PJ) replies-
it is not ur call and you aint seen at all,..

that is what happens when u mess with us..

we will grind you invincible into dust..
you call urself invincible..
when it is time to face us, don just hide and get invisible..

Tshering Penjor (T Pak)-
haha..wid u n ur jersey wid heskey?

look more to us like a th*rkie

u got a G-golo on ur team man
betta go eat sum ice cream man
u call ursefl the highlander
sounds to us like blunder
ur no alexander
first check ur gender
u think we r invisible
dats jus our preamble
we show ourselves wen the time comes
n make u chew ur own thumbs

Pema Wangchuk (PJ)-

now i see who is really speaking..

sounds more of dogs barking

take time and think sth. real
stop bragging and try to feel
better surrender now and be lill clever
or else u will regret forever
let not foolishness drown you
run before we crush you
you are just a house fly
we will snap you with a bitter goodbye
fear us coz we are the mighty ghosts..
also goes out to person who is liking ur posts..

Tshering Penjor (T Pak)-

we bark out here, coz outside we’ll bite u

stop ur meowin, da dogs will upright u

u think u cn crush us, mke us regret
i cn c u tryin hard, to avoid ur cold sweat
u mighty ghost tryna act like hot rod
becrful wd u deal wid, coz we r th god
we like our posts here
unlike u n ur musketeer
u think we r a housefly
like a foot poison u will cry
snap ur own goodbye to ur own team
its our time, the Invincible regime

And after finally playing fuzz ball, Pema wangchuk  (PJ) replies-
victory is written in our book of fate...

we will erase the people who we hate..

invincible never seems to understand..
but i see them shiver as i stand..
will make one thing clear today..
higherlanders is the word we will hear everyday

Invincible also won the match though our rapper T Pak is yet to reply in his signature style of rapping like 5 Chhetrum 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spartacus hero, Andy Whitefield dies

This is for the people who love Spartacus series, Bloods and sands that its leading actor, Andy Whitefield has passed away on Sunday. He has succumbed to a death after fighting a cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma for one and half years.
Those who watched Spartacus and loved it would surely have him on the best reason why the series was a hit albeit its explicit sex scenes and sword fighting could have also attracted many people to watch it. He played the lead, Spartacus.
Spartacus, the legendary fighter who spearheaded the revolt against Roman Upper societies for a misdemeanor treatment suffered by slaves at that time is one of the most celebrated figures in the history to writers and historians.
Most of the fans, including myself, I would always remember him for the love and respect that I developed for the gladiators-the warriors who embraced death in service to their masters. And the series kind of made me so engrossed with the whole roman civilization where slaves were worth nothing. The bloods of the slaves and gladiators were shed to appease the love of the upper hand society during that particular era. It continues until, one of the gladiator decides to kill his own master who cheats him by killing his wife, the slavery system badly ruins the lives of lower people. And now, the gladiator seems to leaving us (his fans) with a series half way through.
The welsh actor died on Sunday in Sydney. He will always be remembered as a warrior, gladiator, and very inspiring person.
 May his soul rest in peace!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not so long ago, Apple and Blackberry were just fruits

Not so long ago, there wasn’t any technology. Everything that man interacted with or involved with was a traditional style right from clothing, entertainment, medication, education, agriculture and many more. Today right from sleeping pills to sexual intercourse, technology has taken its deep root in us.
Not so long ago, people wore leaves or animal hides. Now some people do not wear also while others are cutting the dresses shorter and shorter.
Not so long ago, we used to play different sorts of marble games. At the end of the day, our dresses would get dirtied so much with mud and clay. Now my younger brothers play all sort of games-funny, smart, entertaining in play stations. Their clothes doesn’t get dirty, but I fear whether they would develop the communication skills or even for that matter whether they will ever get any fresh sort of exercise that body needs.
Not so long ago, on festive seasons, towards the temples perched on the brow of the mountain, I used to walk with a hand held by my father but now vehicles honk right under the footsteps of the lama’s chapel. I don’t know if everybody still follows the philosophy that hard earned fruit will always have a sweet taste or in Shakespearean words, “light winning makes prize light”.  
Not so long ago, it used to take two and half days to reach a vehicle point from my village, now my parents talk at least more than twice a month with people in village through mobile phones. I wonder would it make my parent to visit the village no more unless something major event occurs through. Even post office is not anymore a place to visit.
Not so long ago, we used to play archery and have a picnic in weekends and occasions. Now I am busy updating my walls and exchanging comments. Instead of outdoor games, I play bejeweled or racing cars in my phone. It needs less energy, except that I gets lazier and obese let alone be the lack of healthy social life.
Not so long ago, I used to sit with dropping eyes in the line with so many students and chant prayers, today I do exercise or read some book with prayers playing in my computer at background. Hope god forgive me for such a thing.
Not so long ago, people lived with few circle of friends, but still the communication was so healthy with coming together and gathering. Now we have many friends though we know few. Instead of gathering, we come together in walls and virtual world.
Not so long ago, we walked in the class with books and pens. It was tedious and sometimes a big problem to be in the class without the text books. Today I go to the class with a pen drive which is not even the size of a pen. God knows how tiny things have become, but if virus infects or I lose it on the way, I am all there without any work.
Not so long ago, walking into a library was a fashion. It was something interesting too. The social aspect of life was always happening inside it while one was catered to knowledge as well.  Now without having to move myself or walk, I am exposed to thousand choices and millions of information in internet. It has so much information that books are at the verge of extinct. Ebooks have already started to roll in.
Not so long ago, apple and blackberry were just fruits. But now, you know what things that we call with same names are.
And not so long from here, I know that not so many things will stay as it is, technology is bound to change things either for good or for bad.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Toddlers and the music

A year and half old baby girl dances to any random songs at radio and as she sway, there is a big smile at her face. As a brother, as parent and as an elder, you love that thing your little toddlers, don’t you? Basically, my little sister, early in the morning would be swaying at the beats from kuzoo. I don’t get it, how on earth, such a little infant enjoy music and songs. It’s just amazing and I lose myself at the awe of marvelous beauty about infants and their little things. Without much of her knowledge, she would be the princess of the moment.
She has grown up. The last i saw her, she was a baby.
And I have a cousin, who is 3 years old. This little brat is so annoyingly interested in watching Bhutanese MTv. Sometimes when you are there waiting for the climax of the movie, he buzzes like bees looking for his mom. Usually I head off to work around 9.30 while his parents would have already left around 8.30, and he would be sleeping that time. And now, he doesn’t see his parents, so he would just go buzzing harder.  Then, there comes the music time and with a food in front of him, he has to be right in front of the TV and we have to change the channel to Bhutanese MTv. Right there, this little fellow with a big grin in his face would stand up, and eat the food. Now, you can imagine what kind of a mess he makes out of the food with him swaying around the room at the tune of the songs.
Music is the best way of teaching your kids, experts claim so. It increases the child’s emotional skill, vocabulary and the language. And if you may wonder how child enjoys the songs or music, here is the answer for it. It is basically the sound- the sound of the beats and music that toddlers go shaking at. And with age, as child began to sing, her vocabulary increases as s/he comprehends more songs s/he stutters or sings.
So if you may decide what kind of toy you should buy for your babies, try buying toys with music, not that they would one day become a great singer or develop passion for singing, it’s just one sweet way of grooming your child.
And you know what, I am now little bit impatient as I am far away from her, I miss her dancing, those weird ones in fact but a very cute one.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Away from Home and finding God

There’s little doubt that Buddhism originated from the northern India. Presence of many Buddhist temples and monuments imitating Buddha are plenty in northern India. But as history has it, it started to disappear gradually in the place of its origin giving way towards other religions, of course there were other religions then, but the point here is that now the Buddhism has shifted its prominence and circle way towards the east of its birth place. However, for faith has no boundary and the fact that religion actually travels within any soul, and in today’s free world, it’s nothing surprising to see the temple with the statues of a god that you are an ardent follower of sitting on the a place quite near to you even though you live in a society that practices other religion.
Near the Sikh Gurudwara, there is a small temple with one big statue of a Buddha and a small one sitting beside it. It’s basically empty unlike our temples in Bhutan. I have visited number of temples, and even Synagogue. There is this common character with it. The space where one comes to realize god and worship Him is basically an empty space unlike ours where it is filled with religious sects and gold plated statues. I was in Lotus Temple, the temple which is popularly called as Bah Haus Temple, a place where every religion of the world is respected and worshipped. It has a huge empty shell with people maintaining silence for few minutes. Perhaps that’s the difference between our cultures and there’s. We love in making noises, our way of shoeing the dog and the devil is almost same; stone it away or chase it away.
Anyway, coming to this temple near my hostel, I have known it since few months in Delhi during my first year. And since then, I visit it whenever I want. There’s no occasion for it. If it was in Bhutan, I would have definitely been in monasteries and temples mostly during some holy-days, but here in India, it is kind of a thought that keeps me reminding or rooting me back towards the fear of death and the need for saying prayers for the welfare of people I love and care. And with so many things happening in Delhi, I kind of seek God’s Blessing and guidance to keep me safe and sound. And simple prostration and few words of prayers make my whole bunch of days where I lost into the world of ephemeral materialism.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Running out of inspirations and not wanting to quit writing

In last one and half years, I have tried writing on so many various topics. Whether it is educational, political or even personal reminisces I have always tried making it simple and interesting. Sometimes I have failed, sometimes I have succeeded. Sometimes I wrote very good article, sometimes I just came up without even feeling guilty with bad article. It was all a part of the journey and the passion I have ignited over the years. And I admit, my experience with it so far was interesting and educational except that sometimes, as soon as I start writing something, I get stuck in a complete awe of not knowing what to pour down. As if I am writing it for the first time, I am stuck with nothing to write. There are many of course in my mind, but yet I couldn’t write anything.
People call it writers block, a condition in which a writer loses ability to come up with new ideas. In short, it’s a time when writer runs out of inspiration, therefore not being able to produce any original ideas. It makes writer feel unimaginative and makes his own work inferior to other’s work. History has it that, some writers even quit writing. Now I know why few of our bloggers who started blogging long time back has stopped continuing it.
Over the time, it makes me over burdened that I have to write something in my blog to maintain its flow like this article which I am forcing myself to write. Of course, I honestly would like to defend that whatever I write, I write it with a hope that my readers get something out of it to ponder at the end of the article.  And when you do not update your blog, it kind of makes me guilty to have kept that relationship of my blog with my readers silent and inactive for days. It makes me miss something which in turn makes me think of topics which of course make the better write ups. And it’s a tedious thing to force upon without inspiration.
However most of the times, it’s always better to pour down whatever comes to mind, whether it’s good or bad, if one keeps on not being too conscious of what one should write and not, I believe it would be the best thing at the end.
Anyway, I have come this far, and it had been wonderful so far, and I am hopeful that I would continue to keep on blogging, making new friends and helping contribute something to the society. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beggars are never Bankrupt

Beggars are never bankrupt, you agree with me?
Begging profession is one of the oldest professions like prostitution. There is no doubt over that. There was a time when begging was considered as sacred as any religious practice. The monks, in fact by definition are said to be a beggar that they survive by begging and of course by not committing to any sinful deeds. The tradition though continues even to this day except that some people found it so easy to earn living by befooling people, thus by making the world’s perception so small and selfish. I personally won’t be able to spare a ngultrum or two to someone who is healthy enough to work and toil to earn some bucks to earn his meals. Thankfully, in Bhutan we don’t have much of such problems. Of course, we are these days able to see some lethargic and selfish fellows malingering the sickness or some reasons to sit in a hot sunny day on a dirty platform and performing the saddest thing so that we could share his pseudo-grievances with some money in the container or paper he has laid down beside him. We are no more timid and reserved society.
Back to India, if anyone who has ever driven around the Indian cities, you won’t be alien to the practices of begging in India. Every time you pass traffic red lights, or you visit any community centre, or even when you travel in a train, you are bound to be confronted with situations where someone crippled will fall in front of you wearing that pathetic expression and sometimes you will be even more surprised to see weird looking men attired in woman’s dress and pulling your shirts to ask money. And the funny part with these hermaphrodites is that they won’t let you go away with petty coins; it’s about notes not less than 10. Now, whether you want to feel sympathetic or just ignore, it kind of comes so clean.
Of course, not every beggar can be ignored or avoided. However, with scams going right to claim that begging is a gang coordinated practice, that the money is collected together and distributed by the commune leader, it kind of makes credentials of such practices go down the deep drain. Now, when such coordination is there, how can people in business go poor? There are also allegations that beggars would rent their babies also sometimes to other beggars. Whether these things are authentic, but it leaves no authentic confirmation that these things are not possible. In a place where beggars are everywhere, in some ways, it can be proved a possible practice.
And if some of you are wondering, sparing few coins on a beggar to two won’t drag me all the way to become poor; you may have to consider this one. Giving to one beggar eventually attracts so many others. And at single point only, you can imagine quite a number of them.
When Boyle made the golden globe winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire, it wasn’t just a whole fiction. It was a reality and has now become a trend to get an easy earning.
Basically we are left with no option to deal with beggars than to either ignore to spare few with money or food. However, as for Bhutanese, it is not so late to stop such practices. Let’s keep the pride held high or lets device certain things in the society which won’t force people to droop before poverty and go on practicing stooping things.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

World Blog Day

Well, we have now something called as World Blog Day. To begin with, let me tell you that it’s not today. It was yesterday, 31st August. And yesterday was the fifth World Blog Day.
Well, its been one rigorous year in blogging now. Though I might have started to blog in 2009, I was not so much into blogging. It wasn’t until last August that I seriously began to think that Blogging, through it, I can at least contribute something to someone. And here, I am now with blogging and blogging.
It has been a wonderful journey, from learning about myself to getting to know about others, from sharing knowledge to receiving knowledge, and of course from building relationships to inspiring each other. Overall, it has been the very fruitful year.
So friends, Happy World Blog Day, I hope we continue to create a world beautiful in our own blogosphere.