Monday, September 26, 2011

Using facebook to name a child

This is not really about facebook, to begin. It is rather about what kind of ideas people use the social networking site for. I wonder whether Mark ever thought of his facebook being used for purposes like naming the child, or using for conducting polls on various issues. More than 800 million users are there in facebook, so given the huge users it has it kind of appears rational to in fact get more opinions and votes.
Sometime back, a father in Egypt named his daughter “Facebook” funnily to show his appreciation to the social networking site, and there was also a couple who named their child, “Like” after the Facebook feature.
Apparently, a couple in Illinois asked the facebook users to help them choose the name for their unborn daughter. Yeah, you got it right, I bet, something that Mark would have never envisaged. I guess when things become more suitable and adaptable for people, the users come up with more ideas as to how one should use it. It’s just the matter of time, before we could have a whole bunch of citizens voting in a polling station like facebook or even for choosing the lovers. The best that holds the eyes of many would surely lure the heart away.
It isn’t funny; the husband has a  good idea behind his intention. And it is that it will kind of be interesting to have a story behind the name. Now that’s a legend even before being born. Only few create stories after being born.
We sure live within the confines of technology and the virtual world affecting the real lives.


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