Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to make world peaceful?

“The most disadvantageous peace is better than the just war.”-Unknown
Of course, there were never a bad and a good war, it was always a bad war. But peace, can it be disadvantageous? For the noun that describes the harmony (I bet Harmony is one the most beautiful words in English dictionary, any doubt over it?), a state of mind which is free of any violent thoughts, and tranquility soured life, peace is just the most sought quality, state, or possession world seeks right now. Amidst violence due to civil wars, political disruption and economic crises, there is nothing else that people desire for more than the peace.
Today, world has become a place where fear of being killed in terror attack, fear of being crashed in a civil war, fear of not getting a proper a job, dear of deadly disease, fear of natural disaster and fear for violent acts associated with human being. There is no way to end these things, it begins and spreads like a plague. Even if one ends, another rises.
However, like a person in darkness lights the space in front, the act if repeated by other people, there is a complete bright world we would create. It’s just a simple act that if everyone keeps their own backyard safe and clean, ultimately everything around is safe and peaceful. So if everyone keeps the small world around us peaceful, there is always a better chance that world is a peaceful planet.
Today is its 30th year, since its inception in 1981, 21st September by United Nation.


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