Saturday, September 10, 2011

Toddlers and the music

A year and half old baby girl dances to any random songs at radio and as she sway, there is a big smile at her face. As a brother, as parent and as an elder, you love that thing your little toddlers, don’t you? Basically, my little sister, early in the morning would be swaying at the beats from kuzoo. I don’t get it, how on earth, such a little infant enjoy music and songs. It’s just amazing and I lose myself at the awe of marvelous beauty about infants and their little things. Without much of her knowledge, she would be the princess of the moment.
She has grown up. The last i saw her, she was a baby.
And I have a cousin, who is 3 years old. This little brat is so annoyingly interested in watching Bhutanese MTv. Sometimes when you are there waiting for the climax of the movie, he buzzes like bees looking for his mom. Usually I head off to work around 9.30 while his parents would have already left around 8.30, and he would be sleeping that time. And now, he doesn’t see his parents, so he would just go buzzing harder.  Then, there comes the music time and with a food in front of him, he has to be right in front of the TV and we have to change the channel to Bhutanese MTv. Right there, this little fellow with a big grin in his face would stand up, and eat the food. Now, you can imagine what kind of a mess he makes out of the food with him swaying around the room at the tune of the songs.
Music is the best way of teaching your kids, experts claim so. It increases the child’s emotional skill, vocabulary and the language. And if you may wonder how child enjoys the songs or music, here is the answer for it. It is basically the sound- the sound of the beats and music that toddlers go shaking at. And with age, as child began to sing, her vocabulary increases as s/he comprehends more songs s/he stutters or sings.
So if you may decide what kind of toy you should buy for your babies, try buying toys with music, not that they would one day become a great singer or develop passion for singing, it’s just one sweet way of grooming your child.
And you know what, I am now little bit impatient as I am far away from her, I miss her dancing, those weird ones in fact but a very cute one.


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