Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rappers on football field

We have a tiger football competition in our hostel everywhere. We called it Fuzz Ball. Every team of four competes and usually matches are played at night in a light. The courtyard in the middle of the hostel building provides us the field, fortified one to play the night fuzz ball.

It’s been five years now, from a meek first year team to a very lazy senior team, I have been having a wonderful time playing fuzz ball. Generally two teams from Bhutanese students compete in a tournament; Invincible and Highlanders. However, unlike previous years, the war has begun before reaching the football field amongst the two teams. We enjoy comparing each other and trying so hard to establish superiority over each other albeit both the teams end up getting knocked out even before completing third round. Of course, Highlanders have reached the final last year.

Thought both the teams have started the tournament with decent win, the war of words that the players had is pretty interesting to read. My friends literally can rap better than John Cena, 50 Cent, Eminem or Lil Wayne.

Here it goes,

Pema Wangchuk (highlander) –
finally Titans will meet,
so shall glory kiss our(highlanders) feet...

our name will be spoken
 and our opponents' ego will be broken...

we are ready to go dirty,
it doesn't matter whether they are four or forty....

record will be set..
as we kick every ball behind the net...

and let me complete with this line...

Tshering Penjor (Invincible)-

think ur a bull..but ur just a calf...

u aint no titans, nor shall kiss ur feet

yes u go dirty, But c us go neat..
mind ur own ego, like mindin the balls
its our time, Invincible calls.
mind ur words..coz we r ready to brawl..

like soldiers at war, or a futball exhibition hall

we show dem skills, 
go for the kills
stop ur crappy syllables..
we r the invincibles..

Pema wangchuk(PJ) replies-
it is not ur call and you aint seen at all,..

that is what happens when u mess with us..

we will grind you invincible into dust..
you call urself invincible..
when it is time to face us, don just hide and get invisible..

Tshering Penjor (T Pak)-
haha..wid u n ur jersey wid heskey?

look more to us like a th*rkie

u got a G-golo on ur team man
betta go eat sum ice cream man
u call ursefl the highlander
sounds to us like blunder
ur no alexander
first check ur gender
u think we r invisible
dats jus our preamble
we show ourselves wen the time comes
n make u chew ur own thumbs

Pema Wangchuk (PJ)-

now i see who is really speaking..

sounds more of dogs barking

take time and think sth. real
stop bragging and try to feel
better surrender now and be lill clever
or else u will regret forever
let not foolishness drown you
run before we crush you
you are just a house fly
we will snap you with a bitter goodbye
fear us coz we are the mighty ghosts..
also goes out to person who is liking ur posts..

Tshering Penjor (T Pak)-

we bark out here, coz outside we’ll bite u

stop ur meowin, da dogs will upright u

u think u cn crush us, mke us regret
i cn c u tryin hard, to avoid ur cold sweat
u mighty ghost tryna act like hot rod
becrful wd u deal wid, coz we r th god
we like our posts here
unlike u n ur musketeer
u think we r a housefly
like a foot poison u will cry
snap ur own goodbye to ur own team
its our time, the Invincible regime

And after finally playing fuzz ball, Pema wangchuk  (PJ) replies-
victory is written in our book of fate...

we will erase the people who we hate..

invincible never seems to understand..
but i see them shiver as i stand..
will make one thing clear today..
higherlanders is the word we will hear everyday

Invincible also won the match though our rapper T Pak is yet to reply in his signature style of rapping like 5 Chhetrum 


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