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Oskar Schindler;the Nazi who bought Jews during WW II

That was great. That was simply touching. That was self sacrifice there. That was letting your dream of much hard work go down into the drain. That was something that turned out that way though it never meant to be there from where they headed to. And that was humane. And that was Oskar Schindler unlike many other Nazis who kissed a Jewish girl not with hatred and brutality but with love for the humans.
Sometimes god comes in a form of a person. Various times whenever, the humanity was suppressed to such an abject state, there was someone who fought to keep the line of humanity alive. There was someone who toiled hard to fight injustice and save the world. There was someone who showed the world that despair the earth, the warmth of soil never gets cold enough to destroy the creation. Someone somewhere makes up to keep the flame burning. 
Oskar Schindler, the man who worked for Nazi during World War II would have had more Jews saved than anyone in the world. He starts his factory which makes pots in Krakow (that’s in Poland now) upon a bankrupt and worn-down factory shell. The German armies made the utter bloodshed of thousands of Jews in German Camps in most of the Europe. Jews were born Jews, and that meant they are the enemies of Adolf Hitler. When Jews were burnt alive, and killed at any point during the war time, the ambitious and a womaniser businessman hoping for the advantage that would be there due to war, recruits Jews to work in his factory. He bribes Nazi officers for the every Jew he recruits. The man who came to make money at the expense of a war soon finds himself at the talk of every Jew working in his factory. They thank him for the fact that they don’t get killed simply because they work in his factory. They are not exposed at the mercy of German SS officers outside. Jews believed that an hour life is still a life.
As money grew stronger for him, he buys almost 800 Jews claiming that he wants to start manufacturing a tank and he needs these workers of his with him in his home town in Czechoslovakia where he will set up his factory. The money that he earned taking advantage of war, finds its usage in now buying the lives of people who actually worked under him to make that money. Even at such wildest hour of cruelty and despair, he manages to actually ship out many Jews of whose descendants are of more than 6000 across the world today and they are known as Schindler Jews. He survives these Jews for almost six months on the pretext of manufacturing tanks for Nazis. And facts claim that Schindler made his workers not to make any of such tanks which would work and end up killing humanity. He runs out of money almost making it to the end of the war. Jews repay him with the golden ring which has a scribble written in Hebrew: Whoever saves one man saves the world entire.
He saved the hope of God’s existence in some unknown form. He outwitted not just Hitler and his soldiers but in the process lived to show the world the act of love, compassion, hope and humanity.
If anyone who comes across this article, and if you are someone who likes to watch world war movies, Schindler’s List is one treat of an awesome movie with great acting from Liam Neeson and Sir Ben Kingsley.
Most the paragraphs I have presented in this article is actually from the above mentioned movie.
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