Monday, September 12, 2011

Not so long ago, Apple and Blackberry were just fruits

Not so long ago, there wasn’t any technology. Everything that man interacted with or involved with was a traditional style right from clothing, entertainment, medication, education, agriculture and many more. Today right from sleeping pills to sexual intercourse, technology has taken its deep root in us.
Not so long ago, people wore leaves or animal hides. Now some people do not wear also while others are cutting the dresses shorter and shorter.
Not so long ago, we used to play different sorts of marble games. At the end of the day, our dresses would get dirtied so much with mud and clay. Now my younger brothers play all sort of games-funny, smart, entertaining in play stations. Their clothes doesn’t get dirty, but I fear whether they would develop the communication skills or even for that matter whether they will ever get any fresh sort of exercise that body needs.
Not so long ago, on festive seasons, towards the temples perched on the brow of the mountain, I used to walk with a hand held by my father but now vehicles honk right under the footsteps of the lama’s chapel. I don’t know if everybody still follows the philosophy that hard earned fruit will always have a sweet taste or in Shakespearean words, “light winning makes prize light”.  
Not so long ago, it used to take two and half days to reach a vehicle point from my village, now my parents talk at least more than twice a month with people in village through mobile phones. I wonder would it make my parent to visit the village no more unless something major event occurs through. Even post office is not anymore a place to visit.
Not so long ago, we used to play archery and have a picnic in weekends and occasions. Now I am busy updating my walls and exchanging comments. Instead of outdoor games, I play bejeweled or racing cars in my phone. It needs less energy, except that I gets lazier and obese let alone be the lack of healthy social life.
Not so long ago, I used to sit with dropping eyes in the line with so many students and chant prayers, today I do exercise or read some book with prayers playing in my computer at background. Hope god forgive me for such a thing.
Not so long ago, people lived with few circle of friends, but still the communication was so healthy with coming together and gathering. Now we have many friends though we know few. Instead of gathering, we come together in walls and virtual world.
Not so long ago, we walked in the class with books and pens. It was tedious and sometimes a big problem to be in the class without the text books. Today I go to the class with a pen drive which is not even the size of a pen. God knows how tiny things have become, but if virus infects or I lose it on the way, I am all there without any work.
Not so long ago, walking into a library was a fashion. It was something interesting too. The social aspect of life was always happening inside it while one was catered to knowledge as well.  Now without having to move myself or walk, I am exposed to thousand choices and millions of information in internet. It has so much information that books are at the verge of extinct. Ebooks have already started to roll in.
Not so long ago, apple and blackberry were just fruits. But now, you know what things that we call with same names are.
And not so long from here, I know that not so many things will stay as it is, technology is bound to change things either for good or for bad.


  1. And now Lemon has also become cellphone just like apple and blackberry...I am using one..:p

  2. True bro...and abt the lemon mobile...may be its Bhutanese

    1. hahhaha...that would be an epic,