Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Running out of inspirations and not wanting to quit writing

In last one and half years, I have tried writing on so many various topics. Whether it is educational, political or even personal reminisces I have always tried making it simple and interesting. Sometimes I have failed, sometimes I have succeeded. Sometimes I wrote very good article, sometimes I just came up without even feeling guilty with bad article. It was all a part of the journey and the passion I have ignited over the years. And I admit, my experience with it so far was interesting and educational except that sometimes, as soon as I start writing something, I get stuck in a complete awe of not knowing what to pour down. As if I am writing it for the first time, I am stuck with nothing to write. There are many of course in my mind, but yet I couldn’t write anything.
People call it writers block, a condition in which a writer loses ability to come up with new ideas. In short, it’s a time when writer runs out of inspiration, therefore not being able to produce any original ideas. It makes writer feel unimaginative and makes his own work inferior to other’s work. History has it that, some writers even quit writing. Now I know why few of our bloggers who started blogging long time back has stopped continuing it.
Over the time, it makes me over burdened that I have to write something in my blog to maintain its flow like this article which I am forcing myself to write. Of course, I honestly would like to defend that whatever I write, I write it with a hope that my readers get something out of it to ponder at the end of the article.  And when you do not update your blog, it kind of makes me guilty to have kept that relationship of my blog with my readers silent and inactive for days. It makes me miss something which in turn makes me think of topics which of course make the better write ups. And it’s a tedious thing to force upon without inspiration.
However most of the times, it’s always better to pour down whatever comes to mind, whether it’s good or bad, if one keeps on not being too conscious of what one should write and not, I believe it would be the best thing at the end.
Anyway, I have come this far, and it had been wonderful so far, and I am hopeful that I would continue to keep on blogging, making new friends and helping contribute something to the society. 


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