Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glory days are way behind us

Once pompous, now a fading shadow; we were once an invincible, but now we are getting invisible. Nothing remains same, I heard it often and not to mention how world is filled with so many process of changes. However, it is seldom that people get into the line with these truths of nature not until we are the subject of change; we are never free to observe and realize the importance of enjoying while it lasts.
Well, before you, my friends begin to wonder what made me feel so drown up in the sentimental ocean, let me make it clean; Invincible, the team that me and my three friends have formed to play in a fuzz ball tournament, lost with a total demolishing score 7-2 to a certain team that used to fear us. Yesterday, this group of people who didn’t even know how to kick a ball properly four years back, just showed us why invincible is a non-existent adjective in dictionary. We were floored, complete catastrophe. There was no game plan nor was there a proper fight back spirit amongst invincible. God spared us for certain half a dozen and one while it could have gone further more.
Never in career of five years, had I such a disgracing moment. How am I able to digest the fact that I got once into a semi final of the tournament? Yeah folks, I missed a final by an inch, but over the years, like a waning moon, we have grown into a dimmer and dimmer circle. Perhaps a better self comforting consolation is that most of our teams have gained weight, and I am the one with most weight. I took on more than 15 kg in two years. Can’t imagine, how I am suppose to come into a fit physical shape.
The day is never far for invincible to stop dreaming and hanging up the boots.
I would have rather been silent on this match, but it is shared with an interest that these small happenings in life teach us more things about life like me turning into a philosophical loser.
I don’t know what my friend Penjor will rap now. 


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