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Facebook...connecting people

When the nineteen year old, Mark Zukerberg build the website,, it was little known that today after  7 years, it would be a website a  world visits more than google. Yeah, you read it correctly, facebook in 2010 was declared as a website visited more than google. It has not only over taken the google founders in terms of the value, today it’s said that more than 600 million users have registered in the facebook. If it’s not for the reason that more than billion people in world lives without the internet access, otherwise facebook would be flooded and Mark would riding towards the sunset to the party with billion users.  Today, Mark is the richest of his generation, and in the world of technology, he comes third after Bill Gates and Oracle’s Larry Ellison and with its estimated worth of more than USD 70 billion, Mark is going stronger with facebook getting associated with every tit-bits around. Google to counter the facebook has now created another similar thing called google +. It is said that it has extra feature of being able to do video chat. It won’t be long before facebook comes with another surprise feature to counter its competitor.
Mark Zukerberg,
While there can still be some foul cry of as to how this billion dollars worth baby began. Like few interesting things in the world, facebook has its controversies soaring beneath it as it reaches top and top, but that’s however another thing to write about. All that i can suggest you all is to watch the movie "The social network". With almost about 10% of world’s population in its membership, facebook boast not only about its soaring stature in the market but also makes one wonder about the things that we find interesting as the user. So what makes facebook be the first choice over the dead orkut and conceded hi5? Why has everyone flocked in facebook? Is it because of there are many feature which are user friendly and easy to use even without the much knowledge of internet? Of course it is known fact that facebook has so many features right from making us able to upload the photographs, comment on it, like the comment, sent the messages, interact through status and above all its extra feature of chat server was plus point. Another nicest thing about facebook is that almost like twitter, one can share any links in our facebook wall which could take us directly to the concerned website or news. And with the page feature one can have for one’s own website, facebook users are directly feed with the very prompt and hot stuffs whether it is latest news or latest technology.
Right from our casual interaction, romance to the debate for concerned issues, facebook provides a free platform. The groups in facebook functions even better than pages in facebook. For the concerned matter translated to the common interest, groups function in building a collection to build the common interests to its highest possible level. With its integration in blogs, facebooks have very much become a part of blog’s easy accessibility and functionality. The plug-ins in facebook are very much part of my blogs. It not only makes my blog very much reader friendly assuming that most of the readers are facebook users, when ever users comment using facebook account, the link of my post gets automically shared in user’s wall. And yeah to be able to comment, one doesn’t need to be in my friendlist. Even for liking the article, it gets shared in one’s profile. If you want your article to reach masses, making one’s blog so much facebook friendly is necessity.

With almost every person you in facebook, it seems like world you know has become small, right to the size of gadget you are using to access the website. Other than having being able to meet people you know or you have known, we also get to know many other people. The world seems have shrunk even further when some of the people you chat is from other side of the globe, and we chat as if we know each other very much. There can be little wonders many facebook users may not be even knowing the neighbors very properly as we do people on the other side of the world.  In England’s one of the states, there was reports claimed of facebook increasing the syphilis. There can be nothing as funny as this one, but somehow is true. Yub, it’s true. Few people even look out for free sex with random people they meet up in facebook, and bumping into it is not very hard. There can always be repercussions. Some people tag ourselves in nude photographs, and even before we realize it, most of the people in the friendlist would have seen it. For the kids, with facebook not really having any clear and clean methods positively designed for the younger kids, it won’t take much longer before kids start writing on teachers wall and coming up with excuse of not being able to reach class or under the velvet of pseudonym, one would even challenge one’s teacher. However, to write about these detrimental effects, it can never stop here. As long as one, as a user doesn’t come up with apt ethos, one would be always in the erroneous lane.
Today, most common thing whenever a guy meets girl, a stranger on a business venture meets another, or in any case, one general thing people ask or discuss about is whether one has facebook account or not? Like I pointed out in the above paragraph, if it’s not for the inaccessibility of internet in some parts of the world, facebok would even claim to have half of the population as its active members. If you are not in facebook, can you even claim to be existing? Now that’s exaggeration, but it’s still probable that some madcap like me would always ask it over a glass of wine or over the excuse of cracking the joke.  
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  1. A nice post bro. You captured all the pros and cons of Facebook besides its success in surpassing Google's usage and coverage.It does really hampers so many important things keeping besides advantages it provides us. Keep posting bro.!