Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spartacus hero, Andy Whitefield dies

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This is for the people who love Spartacus series, Bloods and sands that its leading actor, Andy Whitefield has passed away on Sunday. He has succumbed to a death after fighting a cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma for one and half years.
Those who watched Spartacus and loved it would surely have him on the best reason why the series was a hit albeit its explicit sex scenes and sword fighting could have also attracted many people to watch it. He played the lead, Spartacus.
Spartacus, the legendary fighter who spearheaded the revolt against Roman Upper societies for a misdemeanor treatment suffered by slaves at that time is one of the most celebrated figures in the history to writers and historians.
Most of the fans, including myself, I would always remember him for the love and respect that I developed for the gladiators-the warriors who embraced death in service to their masters. And the series kind of made me so engrossed with the whole roman civilization where slaves were worth nothing. The bloods of the slaves and gladiators were shed to appease the love of the upper hand society during that particular era. It continues until, one of the gladiator decides to kill his own master who cheats him by killing his wife, the slavery system badly ruins the lives of lower people. And now, the gladiator seems to leaving us (his fans) with a series half way through.
The welsh actor died on Sunday in Sydney. He will always be remembered as a warrior, gladiator, and very inspiring person.
 May his soul rest in peace!
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