Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am in Bhutan

One the best things that describes Bhutan. Courtesy;
I am in Bhutan for my vacation. Its my first time in five years that i have come to Bhutan during winter vacation. For certain period, i may not be able to share things as often as i do.And i won't be able to read your blog posts as well, so i hope you forgive me for it. Till then, keep writing, keep blogging, and happy blogging...:)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Design of Aerocity; Architecture project for final year

We completed a final year urban design project. It took nearly half years to complete the project. The Project is our proposal of Aerocity, New Delhi.
From the left; myself, Chimi, Akshay and jamyang
model view
watching over the city grow

Model view

Chimi explaining the design to the jury.

Center plaza detail model
Explaining the design to the jury
Malik explaining the design
3-D view of Center Plaza
3-D views of center plaza

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bhutan's famous win over Afghanistan in 2009 SAFF appears futuristic with 5-0 loss to India in 2011

It’s been 30 minutes and the score board read Bhutan 0- India 0.  This is football, bhaiya! Not the kind of game you guys are crazy of- cricket, of which India is the reigning world champions. And in football, we would definitely show you how to kick it, my mind was going crazy with overwhelmed pride, I was proud of Bhutanese footballers playing against India. India can concede more than a half dozen to other countries, of course not the ones who are playing in SAFF competition, but with Bhutan of whose football team, let alone the world, even our counterpart Indian friends doubt of having one to play against is now giving a tough time. Every dog has its own day. And it seemed like we are going to have a decent match although we don’t have hope that we will win it until we ended up conceding 5.
Bhutan's Goal keeper closing the goal for Sunil Chhetri
The stadium which boasts of being second largest in the world has few hundred spectators gathered. If it was cricket, scene would have been definitely different. Five of us sat amongst many other Indian friends to cheer for the match. Amidst the noises and chants of ‘India’ ‘India’, five of us were as dead as our football team. Let alone the pressure from Bhutanese side, they hardly touched the ball. And we could cheer only when Bhutanese players touched the ball, and it didn’t last more than few seconds. The first goal was lucky for Indians as it came out in set piece, corner kick, but second goal, third and fourth and fifth, the tale was building up beautifully for our Indian friends who do not get much to feel delighted about their team and they have now one to feel cheerful even though most of them know only one players name- Chhetri, I doubt whether they knew who Chhetri was for it was certainly not Dhoni or Tendulkar as they shouted only Chhetri for any forward players. And amidst all these heavy heart wrenching experiences building in front of us, I looked around searching familiar faces. Of course I couldn’t guess the person but definitely gloomy and dumb faces certainly looked Bhutanese. And with game almost death, I couldn’t keep my eyes away from scoreboard and thinking that I have to sit down for few more minutes.
On the day of Bhutan’s first match against Sri Lanka, I was quite disheartened with the channel Ten Action for not broadcasting the live match. It seemed insulting to show a match from I-league which was not live match also. If Ten Action sponsored to telecast the SAFF cup live on TV, then they must show all the matches. Watching live match, I didn’t mind them not showing it live though it would have been nice at least to watch Bhutan play live in TV for my own first time experience.
Bhutanese players looked like a bunch of young kids asked to look for the ball and when found the ball, they were not told what to do with it. In the stylish hairstyles, our young amateurs (as often the commentator describes) lacked everything. If one was not playing the game plan, then I expected some physical play, which our young friends couldn’t do as they were too weak in front of Indian counterparts. The coach was the first person from Bhutan team to leave the field, and looking at him, I wondered whether he mistook the SAFF cup to be young kids’ championship. The goal keeper, my friend who is four years junior to me says was his two years junior in school. Of course goalie deserve every applaud. If it was not for him, we would have had enough goals for whole Bhutanese team assuming that five goals were one each for five of us. Bhutan’s famous victory over Afghanistan in 2009 SAFF looked so futuristic suddenly.
Bhutanese supporters enjoying the match
Well, watching it losing without having a proper attack on opponent’s goalie who made fun by jogging along the goal line during the match as he was left without having to do anything, I wondered how long Bhutan will take to give a good competitive match. How long it will take for Bhutan to have players who can amaze us and make us feel proud? And in all those pondering, I found out that we can never be at the level to offer the competitive challenge. In the past, India might have not agreed to participate in world cup for whatever reasons unknown, we are interestingly the first country to even disagree on playing a world cup qualifying match now. We are way behind in terms of sporting education and achievements. In other parts of world, sport events brings whole broken nation together, adds country’s major part of economy through sport’s revenue, and celebrates it as a entertainment festival, we have our few Bhutanese people having a rather good time playing in a field, not even a football ground. Well, it’s a matter of time, when country’s economy grows, we could perhaps expect these facilities to also grow. As of now, let’s pass on the joke that 5-0 against India who has such sporting facilities and academies could score only five against our young team.
After the match was over, players heading to dressing room
After the match was over, it was a nice feeling though when Indian fans cheered for Bhutanese footballers as they walked out of the field. They shouted, ‘Bhutan’ ‘Bhutan’.
“My team may play bad, but I am Bhutanese and I am here for them,”’ Chimi my friend echoed as he kept on wearing a headband which was painted with Bhutanese flag.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Calling Ap Rada
Jury time, much like an examination, in architecture course, we do by submitting our design which will be reviewed by our faculties and of course the architects from outside in external jury. So to add to our hardwork, i need some blessings from Ap Rada as well. Architecture is so much subjective, even a choice of colour in your design makes different differences to different architects. Ap Rada's blessings might just add some glimmering sparkle even to the mood of the jury.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

SAFF tournament live on Ten Action+, time to cheer Bhutan on Live TV to pursue happiness
So far the avid football viewers have only watched big European teams in premier leagues, la-liga and Champions league in television. Gluing ourselves in front of a TV during the weekends cheering the teams which don’t have anything with our damn life, our enthusiasm of supporting a team in Europe goes even to an extent by going to Lhakhangs to pray for the team’s success, we undeniably announces our strong madness for football. And this madness is not just within the group who enjoys playing football but amongst the ones who do not know how to kick around the ball as well.
And there are few people in empty stands of Changlimithang sitting idly and watching our Bhutanese league. One doesn’t even know the team let alone the players. All that people cheer when someone scores is by the kit number. Such is our lifestyle, we know people around the world but we have rejected the people around ourselves, somehow we have lost the interest to know them.
Well, I think events which are somehow available at a very cheap cost of perhaps events broadcasted in mediums which are accessible could perhaps bring the people together. It might bring the neighbours together and discuss about our own players, our own team. This goes beyond football.
This time, SAFFtournament which is going to be held in India shall be broadcasted live in Ten Action+. Yes, South Asian Football Federation cup in which Bhutan in 2008 famously reached semi-final and nearly beat India that the match has to go to extra time. The tournament will start from 2nd December and end on 11th December. Bhutan is the least ranked team amongst the eight nations competing in the tournament. Bhutan is grouped with India, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Don’t forget to check in your TV on 3rd December at 6.30 BST, Bhutan will play Sri Lanka. And on 5th, at same time, Bhutan will play the host India and last group match on 7th against Afghanistan at 3.30 BST. For sure, this time round one might be cheering for Dorjis, Kinleys, Wangchuks, Sonams, for the first time in TV for most of us. Good luck Team Bhutan.

Friday, November 25, 2011

If we could learn from the nature

If only we could learn from the nature
That nothing remains unchanged
A beautiful flower withers away before the winter,
At death’s will, palaces stumble
Unlike in poems, death never rise from its grave.

If only we could learn from the nature
That butterfly was once a caterpillar
A beauty born out of ugly.
At one’s will, one prospers
And that every pauper born ‘d become a rich.

If only we could learn from the nature
That the arms always bend inwards
That in my late grandpa’s word;
Hearts do not cry in the verbal arguments with our own
For blood is thicker than the water.

If only we could learn from the nature
That after a dark night, it’s always a day
A day that we often forget, it exist
In the darkness around the life.
Problems don’t outlast the time.

If only we could learn from the nature
That even the roses have thorns
And that beauty shouldn’t be precedence.
Golden heart can be hidden inside the ugly skin
And that snakes could shelter inside the beautiful green.

If only we could learn from the nature
That even oceans get wrinkled
Age crowds upon and never returns back
For human shall always fall for beauty
It’s in nature, an ephemeral is best at display.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hitting half century page views
Let me begin this post by offering you an utmost gratitude for being in my blog right now reading this post. And if you have been reading my blog, I am extremely thankful. It is through your time that my blog has gathered some meaning, some purpose and of course some live. Today my blog page views have reached 50000 views and more than 150 followers. Hitting half century is now another prized possession of my blog after so many of readers like you. Thank you very much, my dear readers. I have reached this far, and it was not possible without your presence in my blog.

Monday, November 21, 2011

He sings a song

He sings a song
Whenever heart is burdened with sorrows
And lightly his heart soars
In the songs of happiness he sings
In the tunes of happiness he hums.

He sings a song
Whenever he has to journey for distance
And painlessly time accompanies him
In the songs of journey he sings
In the tunes of journey he hums.

He sings a song
Whenever he remembers his love
And joyfully heart dances
In the songs of memories he sings
In the tunes of memories he hums.

He sings a song
Whenever morning dawn shatters the dark night
And cheerfully sets his journey for a day
In the songs of nature he sings
In the tunes of nature he hums.

He sings a song
Whenever there’s a fall, he dreams of going home
And longingly heart awaits the beaconing of love
In the songs of season he sings
         In the tunes of season he hums.        

Monday, November 14, 2011

Freedom is in the words of a Poet
Freedom is in a bird soaring high
For it can dare to claim sky its own
And flip its open wings in joyous flight.

Freedom is in a droplet of water
For it can dissolve in the grand ocean
And never worry about drying up.

Freedom is in the wind
For it can dissolve in thin air
And whistle around hills and vales the songs of freedom.

Freedom is in the death
For it liberates one from the burden of life
And grave sleeps never to be worried by worldly sorrows.

Freedom is in the poet's words
For poet can breathe the thousand lives
And bask in the glory of freedom castled in between the lines.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Prisoner

Behind the dark walls
His past life awaits him.
Of murder and of theft
He was convicted
Age; young and ignorant
 Led its triumph but behind the bars
Of failure, torment and prison.
For years, in the company of saddened self
He mourn’d, lament’d and cried
Of the freedom he dreamt
Behind the walls he couldn’t climb.
But time fled
And wrinkles got crowded
Prisoners came and went
Yet, chains ‘ve not loosen’d him
But sad was he for his inmates
Who embraced their freedom out of prison walls
For dark prison is built within, he knew,
These souls would come again
Or even in free air, they’ll always be walled
For one ‘ll ne’er be a free person ‘
Without freeing oneself from the prison within.
For one will ne’er be a free person
By serving the commands of so many desires within
Secret to freedom lies within
That’s how god hid, now
He doesn’t ‘ve urge to break walls,
Let his past wait outside
He ‘ll serve the prison
Questing for redemption of
Free and peaceful will.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wishing His Majesty Fourth king birth anniversary on the 11.11.11

The country was going through turmoil with the cloak of grievances looming over the nation with untimely demise of the third king, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, the young prince, then just 17 was to ascend to the golden throne forgetting that he is just a boy who would love but to grow up by enjoying his teenage. After two years, he was officially crowned as the fourth king of Bhutan. 

The youngest monarch in the world then was indeed entrusted with many responsibilities most of which can often be credited as the vision of our father of modern Bhutan, the third king. And much to the contrary, the niche of our young king was filled but with very few educated officials then to the huge task of taking Bhutan ahead.
However, during the reign of 34 years as the king of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuk proved blessing to the people of Bhutan. His legacies echo through the history of Bhutan’s development from an isolated Buddhist kingdom to a peaceful and developing Himalayan kingdom. His vision translated into an unprecedented happiness and socio-economic prosperity. While maintaining a conservative cultural values and tradition, Bhutan emerged to the forefront of the world as exemplary and a proud nation of measuring country’s wealth on the basis of country’s happiness. It was always the people who mattered and often in His Majesty’s words, the well being of country’s people and active participation of people were always heard. Today, Gross National Happiness has stretched its importance even inside the power of United Nation that UN unanimously accepted the concept as the millennium goal. And to be the loving citizen of the architect behind such visions which is embarking onto change the history of world, can there be any reason more to feel proud of.
He is popular today around the world for bringing about so many reforms in the country including his own abdication of throne in favour of his own son and of course introducing the constitutional democracy in the country much against the wishes of the people who wanted the absolute monarchy to continue flourishing. 2008 saw the first elected country’s government, and king with his son, the present king of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk guided throughout the changes. While in some countries around the world, peace of people is torn apart by the fights amongst the power mongers, we have here the kings who share their powers with the people. Same year, for the first time in the history of Bhutan, the king crowned another king.
His Majesty crowning the fifth king
And on 11th November, 2011, our beloved Father, His Majesty celebrates 56th birth anniversary. Let’s join the people, government, monastic schools and the nation in offering prayers and wishes for the long and peaceful life of our monarch. Let us all pray that our beloved king continue guiding the country, people and the king prosperously and peacefully.
With queen mother
Long Live the King!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Battle of music is on

There’s no doubt that many of us love music, even hearing the new tunes of new songs, we get curious to hear it. Of course we have our own genre, some like hip hop, others country songs. And like everything we don’t like, sometimes we are put off by so much it; music too are disturbing and irritating at times when we are forced to listen to it.
Living in the hostel, it’s always difficult to adjust to so many things around. However with time, few get used to it. Some tend to like being awake whole night doing nothing, others like gossiping around for hours and hours, some start to like partying in college lawn during Friday nights, others develop a character to stay indoor and stick to reading books or watching movies alone. But there are still some irritating experiences in hostel which no matter how much you try to put yourself into, you can never adjust to it. One such thing is people who are right in your corridor playing music so loud which you don’t like that too in the early weekend morning when all that you get to enjoy is sound morning sleep. The people are so dumb to even play loud music by keeping their doors open as if other wants to hear it.
It’s been going for many years now. We always have to sleep covering ourself fully inside the blanket or just sleep with that irritating noises. You see, if a sound is sweet and touching, one might enjoy it as well even if its loud and disturbing one’s sleep, but if the sound is much more noise, it’s always killing to hear the noises of music and songs you don’t like. And interesting situation is when you even can’t ask the person to lower the volumes because you don’t know the person good enough to ask him to compromise his excitement.
However, just like everyone knows that there’s always the solution to every damn problem, the last remedy is ready in the niche. Usually this strategy is what most of us employ, well against each other. You start playing your own songs, some of which are pretty much alien to others. Play it loud, keep the door open and if possible, don’t even stay in the room but keep the music on full volume.
The battle of music is on.  You see, you have every right to enjoy your life in fullest way you can do but it’s shouldn’t be torturing others for it. One has right to sleep peacefully while you have right to listen to any music you like. By the time you come back from the bathroom, the door of the much excited person would be closed, and the only music you hear is your song echoing loud through the corridor. Or sometimes, the battle would go on and on with smokes of noises. Many strategies wouldn’t work then.
Music can be a noise sometimes.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A painter's painting

A painter, wrinkled and tired
Sighed a breathe of triumph-
“It’s the canvass that I’d ever brush up”
And a time that’ll ne’er come-
Fall passing to a naked tree
wearing the leaves amongst
the dancing flowers to the
joyful song of spring breeze
‘Tis captured at the will of strokes
And history shall remain the captive
On a canvass that’ll echo through ages.

Nature ruins and withers
But at its own spirit
Where the beauty that ensnared time
Shall wrinkle and fade
But at the caress of painter’s brush
Beauty shall always be celebrated.

For a picture with thousand words
A poet has retired to a painter.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tale of two Diwalis

Two years back, much contrary to the festive mood around Diwali, I almost landed up handicapped to my already battered body. In the midst of cracking lights and sounds, I let the cracker lose in my hand. The sound was so strong that after two days of having numb ears, I approached a doctor only to know that in my left ear, there is a perforation in my ear drum. It was a disaster. I felt like that the bomb that blasted in my hand went out once again, this time shattering myself with a big thunderous fear. After thorough check up, doctor advises me on operation. The artificial membrane has to be fixed and it would cost me around 13 grand. Even though, I was not having enough money, I almost signed the papers. On my friend’s advice, I hesitated. What if during operation something goes wrong? What if I never recover properly after operation? What if........? I was taunted more by these questions of fear.
Sometimes, miracles do happen. I went to AIIMS and to my utter surprise, doctors there advised me to not to worry. The membranes inside will grow up on its own. It takes six weeks to heal fully. It was the happiest thing I ever did I felt. A friend in AIIMS helped me to complete the medical check-up. It was a good lesson for me to not to get bamboozled by doctors who are greedy for money, or to say that one should always look for government hospitals. I would have done the unthinkable if I agreed on operation. My memorable Diwali, lasted for a month and half, and I am more than happy to have no problem at all in my ear.
And this year, under the thundering sounds and cracking lights of diwali, unlike few years back, I was standing in front of His Majesty the king in Delhi Embassy. If I have missed everything in royal wedding, king and queen’s audience just after few days of wedding, I can never ask for anything more. It was my second audience with the king in two years.
Unlike wearing the cottons in my ear, this time, after diwali, I went to the college wearing the shirt gifted by the king.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

His Majesty's audience in Delhi Embassy

Under the shattering sky
That roared with colourful lights
We waited for the arrival of a king
Hundred from places far and away
To greet the Royal Couple.
King, as ever modest
Introduced the beautiful queen
And the crowd ruptured into excitement
When the king kissed the queen.
And the majestic moment
With a tea in the lawn
Continued as their majesties
Walked around the crowd.
Of wisdoms and of values
King echoed with light humours.
Than of such gracious audience
From the much loved king
Can there ever be such a treat
On the festive occasion of diwali.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pen; writing the memory of world

Of world, high and low,
Pen flows and reaches around the world.
Of thoughts, idealistic and great,
Pen runs the thoughts, and catapults the idea.
Of history, the wars and epoch,
Pen immortalises eras through ages.
Of man, crude and ignorant,
Pen reads and teaches the worldly wisdom.
Of love, celebrated and cherished,
Pen scents it with songs and pleasures.
Of books, the trapped thoughts of authors,
Pen breathes the life within the lines.
Of emotions, the nurses of a soul,
Pen words the cries and happiness.
Of life, lived and perished,
Pen fills with the unforgettable memories.
World without Pen
Like a life without memory
Will be silent, dark and unknown.

How did Steve job's idea about Death help him?

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.” ...excerpts from Mr. Jobs famous speech at Stanford.
And much true to the above quotes by Steve Jobs, and will be revealed in his upcoming biography which will be going to floor on 24th October, Jobs philosophy kind of made him to achieve so much in his life filled with so much drama of failure and of course success.
Steve Jobs is said to have confided to Apple CEO John Sculley that he expect to die too young. And that he has to do accomplish so many to leave the mark in the history.
It is also said that Steve Jobs delayed to go under the knife for the treatment of cancer. He eventually had a treatment but couldn’t live for long. However, man someone like Steve who fought the failure and had the last laugh with a successful Apple, there is just more to the legacy left behind than to get inspired and actually living your day as the last day before one dies. As in his speech, there is nothing one wouldn’t give up to do the best things one would do to before one dies.
His philosophy about living everyday as the last day, is what I often saw in the books or in article often credited to the quotes of Gandhi.
“Live everyday as if one would die tomorrow and learn as if one would live forever”
And looking at Steve’s accomplishments, his innovations which served as much inspiring and motivating for many, it kind of makes one wonder that there is little doubt that the mantra worked so much wonderfully to him. He had often lauded the philosophy even to an extent of crediting his achievements for understanding and following the principle strictly. I was watching his speech at Stanford and was so much inspired and touched by the words of him living everyday as his last. It is human tendency and the fact that given a limited time, one would always prefer to finish or do the thing that which is most important and importantly it makes one to do it perfectly so that one wouldn’t get a chance to do it again. No wonder, Steve achieved so much that which shall live in the lives of people to remember him and his stories of achievement. It triggers one to the next level of understanding the preciousness of time while one is alive.
Steve Jobs life will be now be on shelf in the form of biographical book by Walter Isaacson who is said to have interviewed Steve Jobs for over 40 interviews over two years before Steve died on October 5. And to add more, Sony is more likely to make the movie out his life. It will be fascinating to watch and actually get more about the man who lived to shrink the computer and eventually make it portable. The Sony studio also made the movie. The Social Network, which was based on Mark Zuckerberg.