Monday, November 7, 2011

Battle of music is on

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There’s no doubt that many of us love music, even hearing the new tunes of new songs, we get curious to hear it. Of course we have our own genre, some like hip hop, others country songs. And like everything we don’t like, sometimes we are put off by so much it; music too are disturbing and irritating at times when we are forced to listen to it.
Living in the hostel, it’s always difficult to adjust to so many things around. However with time, few get used to it. Some tend to like being awake whole night doing nothing, others like gossiping around for hours and hours, some start to like partying in college lawn during Friday nights, others develop a character to stay indoor and stick to reading books or watching movies alone. But there are still some irritating experiences in hostel which no matter how much you try to put yourself into, you can never adjust to it. One such thing is people who are right in your corridor playing music so loud which you don’t like that too in the early weekend morning when all that you get to enjoy is sound morning sleep. The people are so dumb to even play loud music by keeping their doors open as if other wants to hear it.
It’s been going for many years now. We always have to sleep covering ourself fully inside the blanket or just sleep with that irritating noises. You see, if a sound is sweet and touching, one might enjoy it as well even if its loud and disturbing one’s sleep, but if the sound is much more noise, it’s always killing to hear the noises of music and songs you don’t like. And interesting situation is when you even can’t ask the person to lower the volumes because you don’t know the person good enough to ask him to compromise his excitement.
However, just like everyone knows that there’s always the solution to every damn problem, the last remedy is ready in the niche. Usually this strategy is what most of us employ, well against each other. You start playing your own songs, some of which are pretty much alien to others. Play it loud, keep the door open and if possible, don’t even stay in the room but keep the music on full volume.
The battle of music is on.  You see, you have every right to enjoy your life in fullest way you can do but it’s shouldn’t be torturing others for it. One has right to sleep peacefully while you have right to listen to any music you like. By the time you come back from the bathroom, the door of the much excited person would be closed, and the only music you hear is your song echoing loud through the corridor. Or sometimes, the battle would go on and on with smokes of noises. Many strategies wouldn’t work then.
Music can be a noise sometimes.
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