Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hitting half century page views
Let me begin this post by offering you an utmost gratitude for being in my blog right now reading this post. And if you have been reading my blog, I am extremely thankful. It is through your time that my blog has gathered some meaning, some purpose and of course some live. Today my blog page views have reached 50000 views and more than 150 followers. Hitting half century is now another prized possession of my blog after so many of readers like you. Thank you very much, my dear readers. I have reached this far, and it was not possible without your presence in my blog.


  1. congratulations dude. you are a great blogger.

  2. Congratulations dude. Keep going! :)

  3. @Irene@Leoparsica
    @Langa Tenzin
    Thank you friends...:)..You guys keep me going...:)

  4. Keep up man. Your gratefulness for readers is highly appreciated. I am among your regular reader.