Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tale of two Diwalis

Two years back, much contrary to the festive mood around Diwali, I almost landed up handicapped to my already battered body. In the midst of cracking lights and sounds, I let the cracker lose in my hand. The sound was so strong that after two days of having numb ears, I approached a doctor only to know that in my left ear, there is a perforation in my ear drum. It was a disaster. I felt like that the bomb that blasted in my hand went out once again, this time shattering myself with a big thunderous fear. After thorough check up, doctor advises me on operation. The artificial membrane has to be fixed and it would cost me around 13 grand. Even though, I was not having enough money, I almost signed the papers. On my friend’s advice, I hesitated. What if during operation something goes wrong? What if I never recover properly after operation? What if........? I was taunted more by these questions of fear.
Sometimes, miracles do happen. I went to AIIMS and to my utter surprise, doctors there advised me to not to worry. The membranes inside will grow up on its own. It takes six weeks to heal fully. It was the happiest thing I ever did I felt. A friend in AIIMS helped me to complete the medical check-up. It was a good lesson for me to not to get bamboozled by doctors who are greedy for money, or to say that one should always look for government hospitals. I would have done the unthinkable if I agreed on operation. My memorable Diwali, lasted for a month and half, and I am more than happy to have no problem at all in my ear.
And this year, under the thundering sounds and cracking lights of diwali, unlike few years back, I was standing in front of His Majesty the king in Delhi Embassy. If I have missed everything in royal wedding, king and queen’s audience just after few days of wedding, I can never ask for anything more. It was my second audience with the king in two years.
Unlike wearing the cottons in my ear, this time, after diwali, I went to the college wearing the shirt gifted by the king.

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