Sunday, November 27, 2011

SAFF tournament live on Ten Action+, time to cheer Bhutan on Live TV to pursue happiness
So far the avid football viewers have only watched big European teams in premier leagues, la-liga and Champions league in television. Gluing ourselves in front of a TV during the weekends cheering the teams which don’t have anything with our damn life, our enthusiasm of supporting a team in Europe goes even to an extent by going to Lhakhangs to pray for the team’s success, we undeniably announces our strong madness for football. And this madness is not just within the group who enjoys playing football but amongst the ones who do not know how to kick around the ball as well.
And there are few people in empty stands of Changlimithang sitting idly and watching our Bhutanese league. One doesn’t even know the team let alone the players. All that people cheer when someone scores is by the kit number. Such is our lifestyle, we know people around the world but we have rejected the people around ourselves, somehow we have lost the interest to know them.
Well, I think events which are somehow available at a very cheap cost of perhaps events broadcasted in mediums which are accessible could perhaps bring the people together. It might bring the neighbours together and discuss about our own players, our own team. This goes beyond football.
This time, SAFFtournament which is going to be held in India shall be broadcasted live in Ten Action+. Yes, South Asian Football Federation cup in which Bhutan in 2008 famously reached semi-final and nearly beat India that the match has to go to extra time. The tournament will start from 2nd December and end on 11th December. Bhutan is the least ranked team amongst the eight nations competing in the tournament. Bhutan is grouped with India, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Don’t forget to check in your TV on 3rd December at 6.30 BST, Bhutan will play Sri Lanka. And on 5th, at same time, Bhutan will play the host India and last group match on 7th against Afghanistan at 3.30 BST. For sure, this time round one might be cheering for Dorjis, Kinleys, Wangchuks, Sonams, for the first time in TV for most of us. Good luck Team Bhutan.


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