Monday, October 24, 2011

Pen; writing the memory of world

Of world, high and low,
Pen flows and reaches around the world.
Of thoughts, idealistic and great,
Pen runs the thoughts, and catapults the idea.
Of history, the wars and epoch,
Pen immortalises eras through ages.
Of man, crude and ignorant,
Pen reads and teaches the worldly wisdom.
Of love, celebrated and cherished,
Pen scents it with songs and pleasures.
Of books, the trapped thoughts of authors,
Pen breathes the life within the lines.
Of emotions, the nurses of a soul,
Pen words the cries and happiness.
Of life, lived and perished,
Pen fills with the unforgettable memories.
World without Pen
Like a life without memory
Will be silent, dark and unknown.


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