Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Losing community vitality

With internet age breaking into the every aspect of our life and the civilization, I am awestruck by the simple fact that we have changed the whole system of our community and life style. We are into what we proudly call as Social media during most part of our day apparently trying to construct the social web and also keeping in touch with our friends. World’s most of the population are into facebooking, tweeting and in various forms of media and the ones who are not into these are most probably deprived of internet facility. However the question that goes unanswered is that are these things really a form of social interaction which would make our life thrive if not better?
Few months back, I attended this symposium organized by Japanese architects. There was already a so much of outsider coming to Bhutan and reminding Bhutanese architects about traditional architecture of Bhutan that we have to listen from our peers about young architects not trying even to know about our culture and traditions which are deeply rooted in our architecture. They went and went basically trying to teach us the same thing which we have been looking at since we took keen interest in architecture. However amongst many Japanese architects who presented their works and case studies of Bhutanese architecture, what caught my conscience was when their team leader started his presentation.
He started his presentation by showing the picture of a great Japan tsunami 2011. He begin by saying that Japan is proud and boastful of their technologies which has earned the fame of being one of the best in the world which contributed in changing the whole pattern of civilization, however when there was big disaster, these technologies did not help- mobiles phones were off, electricity was not there, cars couldn’t ply because of the flood and debris collected over and the only thing that helped was people. People helped people.
It was such a big realization that it made me think over about how I don’t know my immediate neighbor even after staying in that same building for 6 months now let alone the whole tenants. And that I have not even tried to know them. We live in such a small community and yet we don’t know people around. I keep in touch with my friends in social media and all, but I have never bothered to ask the name of the person who stays in the next flat. What if such disasters occur some day, I won’t be able to ask for help to my friends who stay far away. Even when some of our friends unknowingly leave us latched inside the flat, we have to call our friend and wait for him to reach the house to open the door. It’s a pity that we are busy trying to catch our friends online but do not have a social interaction with people who are at immediate distance. We go for clubbing and partying, but we have never thought of enjoying a simple gathering over a dinner with friends and relatives.
Although the Japanese claimed of community vitality that which is still existent in Bhutan, I feel we are already in the losing phase. We are turning into unsocial aliens, not even animals because animals have a big sense of togetherness and that’s why we say flock of birds, herd of cattle, etc.
The price of building a community is expensive until we are in adversity.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To be good, it must last

“To be good, it must last” was the phrase which caught my simple mind. It was during one of those days after I finished 12th and was in a school representing my younger brother’s result day. The guest of honor was a district magistrate who while giving away the prizes to the students, who have out-stood others in the exam, made a very big statement to those young kids gathered in front of the school. I really do not know if students understood what he meant or not, but for me it kind of came as a very good food-for-thought.

How many things abruptly succumbs to a change of failure and suddenly good thing they once stood for is evaporated in a thin air? How many heroes end with a big tragedy when they meet their nemesis? How many of us are not able to keep up our good works or achievements? It’s as easy as to say that nothing lasts longer and that’s the beauty of everything in nature.

Today as I stand here looking at the same articles in a blog for about more than a month, I get a bizarre feeling whether the blog that I loved once so dearly is in dire need of my attention? And I get a guilty feeling of those days when I even forgot to check the blog, and I am here shamelessly trying to ask forgiveness for not being able to update and keep the life breathing healthily in it. And of course to those bloggers with whom me and my blog grew up, I am sorry to have not updated my blog and has left the space for this long.

Of course, in the stage where I have just begun my life, the dreams and the works occupy most of my time. And it’s become tough to keep the strings of other things in life uptight and updated.

Now I understand what the phrase meant and what magistrate then was trying to tell the young kids. To be good, or to earn the quality if being good, one must continue the good spirit of doing good things and never let the good things slip away. Just being good at one time and gradually losing the quality doesn't qualify to be good. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charlie Chaplin story

Let me share this wonderful parable told me by my friend, Navin Rai when we were together in college. It kind of shows how world is filled with wrong judgments made intentionally by few people fueled by pretext of acquaintances, family relationship and misuse of power and whether the ignorance and quality of the jurors also attributes the birth of such judgments which goes on to create the series of effects on the world is left to the judgment of my readers. 
Picture courtesy : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/
Charlie Chaplin, the famous man who we know for the laughter and comedy told through the pure silence once disguised and participated in a “Charlie Chaplin Look-alike” competition. Now for my readers, who are not aware of such competition, then allow me to enlighten you with what it meant by ‘look-alike’. You see, there are many of us who look like certain celebrities, and we are sometimes famously called by their names as well. So our Charlie here went to participate in one such competition where people who looked like him were competing for the title of a person who looks like him.
Funny enough, the result was astonishing. Charlie Chaplin stood third the “Charlie Chaplin Look-A-Like” competition.
Whether he disguised so much so that he completely looked different or whether like it happens in many places much to the dismay of an honest winner, or the jurors were corrupted, one can draw one’s own conclusion, but the message was so clear.
World is filled with many such wrong judgments. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

And the life has begun...

Picture courtesy: http://qnaoflife.files.wordpress.com/

End of anything is always succeeded by the beginning of another.
Like a boy joyously entering the manhood, I can safely assume that my manhood has begun. And before all of you jump into drawing your part of remarks regarding my statement, let me make it clear of what I meant by manhood. In a clear concise, it’s my life outside the school walls. It’s a life where I have to set a goal in life to do something and make finally a life of my own, you know with all things like enough amount of wealth to lead life sufficiently, a good responsibility towards serving parents, relatives and the government, and of course a beautiful wife to settle down and have loads of kids.
 I believe in everyone’s life, there comes a time, where we have to deal with thing, a kind of road-not-taken which we assures ourselves with even though we really don’t have a clear picture of what’s awaiting us at the end of the cross road. I have had mine and I think it’s safe for me to assume that it’s the right decision I have taken in my life. I don’t know where it will lead me, but by not trying to sit for government civil service exam and by committing myself in a private sector, I like to believe that it was right for me to have forsaken the advices of parents and senior friends and tread along the path and let life sail smoothly.
Life so far for me has been me trying to fit into someone’s system, heed to someone’s order and repeat someone’s history. I have had nothing of myself so far in reaching at this level. And I feel all those involved in making me what I am today has indeed done an incredible job. However, after completing the five years of college life, as if for a change in the way I want my life to be, I took a chance and I shall take it further, and hopefully live my life fully.
Today I am thrilled with the fact that after all those years of getting amazed with architects and their wonderful creations, I am here trying to make myself a part of my own history so that someday  I would be able to tell the tale of my life.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thank You for 100000 views

Thank You friends for the constant viewing of my posts... it gives me extra reasons to blog and share things with you la. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

You can't stop time

In the prisons of time
It flies never to be stopped
Even to the call of the mighty ones
Nor does to the sorrow of forsaken
That Time pains, hides, and heals.
Time crowns the kings
Trembles the pillars of the palace
Time tells no one
Even to the king of his fall and rise
Time never confides of its conspiracy
Of its change that which confuses man.
Time befriends few only to betray later.
Time is nobody’s slave
Time is everybody’s master
Time sheds the leaves, grows the grass
Time breaks the heart
Fills another with dearth
Time warns no one
Of secrets that which time succeeds.

Monday, July 2, 2012

...and the chorten weeps silently in the cold night

Amidst the wind singing the glory of nature as it swayed over the meandering cheerful river, prayers flags, those tattered and torn danced to the song of wind. Their fluttering often shook the old wooden pole on which they were hoisted. Yet, merry was all over the hill. Faraway, the basking yellow ray is disappearing behind the white peaks, and Chorten, in its miserable ruin was weeping silently. 
Prayers flags in their old frayed self gathered to ask, “What’s the matter?”
Only a commanding wind made the weeping of old Chorten noisier, however.
“There were times, when whole village was built around me,” Chorten begin to recite his old faded memory, “in fact my friends were also revered important that they were held above everything and worshiped as a seat of sacredness.”
“But people still come and worship you. What’s bothering you with that sadness?” in a roaring wind, one of the swaying prayer flags comforted his old compatriot.
“These are few, who wear red robes and wrinkles on their faces. There used to be a time when I used to be rich with sacred relics inside me, and once in a month, on a day which would be followed by a full moon, whole village would come and offer prayers led by venerable beings. I used to rejoice in merry.”
The wind has now ushered the strong cold hail storms. Prayer flags shivered strongly as the shredded cloth pieces fluttered even stronger.
“I have had the opportunities in my life to know many of your predecessors,” Chorten now felt the pain of prayer flags as well, “Once pompous and colorful ancestors of yours withstood even stronger winds than this. They were always singing something or the other, only when there was a strong sunshine, they felt alone as people stayed inside the house. There were no soul to circumambulate”.
“Even being glamorous is also short lived,” one of the prayer flags stuttered, “We succumb to our age earlier than you.”
“...which is a good thing. At least the fire burns your ruined body!” Chorten sighed, “I don’t even have the luxury of it. I am left to the merry of tourists visiting the place. Ruins excite them.”
“Within my ruined parts, history is captured,” folks unfortunately takes pride. “But the history is nothing if sacredness has evaporated long into the fading time. History needs memories to be alive”
“I was vandalized couple of times; my prized possessions were taken out and were never returned back. Earlier people panicked and rebuilt me again, but with roads invading the villages, rich folks have cloned me with alien materials. Stones engraved with holy lines, people worshiped them, but now alien materials have also overtaken their places in the folks’ mind. Folks used to flock here and camp their journeys through me, and happily I offered them the shelter, and now even the ones who come purposely to visit me go back with few clicks and snaps.”
“I was built over a place where a great lama once subdued the deity. I have ever since tried my every bit of self indulgence to repay the faith of the great lama and the villagers by peacefully blending with the landscape”.
Every little thing that exists on the earth is vulnerable to the change and succumbs sadly to the new urge of ours. History is lost in a change and we let it be. Our biggest strength lies in your cultural identity and these chortens form a bigger part of our cultural landscapes. It forms the image of our place and reminds us of our religion.  

Photo courtesy: http://www.scmp.com

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heart warming story of cristiano ronaldo

Behind that arrogant and cocky footballer, there are many unheard stories and unseen character of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is one of many stories which Cristiano we dont know about is made of.

This is a story when Cristiano was still a kid trying for the place in a proper footballing academy Adorinha, Madeira.

"I have to thank you my friend Albert Fantrau for my success. We played together for the U-18 championship. So when the scout came to select us, told that whoever scores more goals will be taken to our academy".

"We won that match 3-0. I scored the first one and Albert scored the second one, but most impressive all was the third goal. Albert was one on one with the goalkeeper and i was running aside him. He passed the goal to me and i scored and went to the academy".

"After the match, i asked him, why?"

"You are better than me" he told me.

Afterwards, journalists went to Albert's house to confirm whether the story is true or not. He confirmed it.

He also told them that his career ended after that match and that now he is unemployed.

"But how did you build this great house, you seem like a rich person? You have a car, and you seem to keep your family also, from where did all these come from?

He replied, "Its from Cristiano!"

P.S: Whether this story is true or not, it doesn't matter as its so touching and heart warming. Teaching the humans of gratitude, and friendship serves a better purpose than the story itself. 

source: http://soccer.indonewyork.com/never-told-before-heart-warming-story-of-cristiano-ronaldo/

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who had the better season in 2011-2012; Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Two greatest footballers of today’s generation, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing against each other in a same league and taking their rivalry of being best in the trade to the highest possible height week in and week out, we as a football lovers are taken but for a best ride. We cannot ask more than what these guys gives us; records, records and records. The Spanish league may not be as exciting as English Premier league as it involves only two teams challenging for the trophy as it is evident from the point gaps created between the best two teams and other teams, but what makes exciting about Spanish league is that world’s two best players plays for the two best teams in the world (On paper, if some of you may argue). The points their teams earn and yet end up playing runners up which could actually be a record point scored in other premier leagues of Europe (even though I concede to the fact that it would be more difficult to get that many points in other leagues) shows how competitive they are against each other.  Barcelona conceded the league to Real Madrid this season even after getting 91 points, and Real wins the league with 100 points,a record-point in the history of top European leagues.

Two great players thanking the God!
However, this article is not about two best teams or best league but about two best players; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
On a personal level, both the players had a phenomenal season with Messi scoring 72 goals and breaking the highest number of goals scored and becoming Barcelona’s all time top scorer. Cristiano ronaldo hit 46 goals in la liga, 4 less than Messi’s but he’s the only player to hit more than 40 league goals consecutively, and also became the fastest player in la liga to score 100 goals at 92 matches. But the question that remains is who’s had the best season? Is it Messi who hit 72 goals and ended up without the league title or is it Ronaldo who even though has fewer goals at 60 but ended up with the very important title, Spanish La liga?

 Firstly, let’s talk about the record breaking 50 goals Messi scored. There’s this argument going around that without this many goals scored by Messi, Barca would be right now sitting in 6th position, happily waiting for the Europa league draw for next season while Ronaldo’s Madrid would still be sitting at top of course with 32 points lesser than 100.
Stats are often deceptive?
It can be argued that Messi was decisive for his team more than Ronaldo this season by going through the above stats, but stats are nothing if it didn’t convert itself to winning the title or did not come in the pivotal matches of the league. I am not proving anyone that the goals were not helpful in the season long built up. They were handy in most cases except that they did not really matter when it should (Winning the league). And not to mention how this assumption of 1st and 6th position would be totally wrong without these players in it and other teams playing with different strategies to suit the play.
Lets breakdown the goals of these two great players, and see how the goals were pivotal. Out of 50 goals Messi scored, 35 goals came at Nou Camp. Barcelona lost the league title away from home though the final nail in coffin came at Nou Camp against Madrid. Away from home, Barca drew 6 matches and lost two, in which Messi scored only one goal. In total, Messi has scored 15 goals away from home. However for CR7, it’s a different situation, he scored 23 goals away from home amongst his 46 goals; the best performance coming against Barcelona 2-1 at Nou Camp, and that hattrick against A.Madrid and Sevilla.
Let’s talk from the point of number of matches in which these guys have scored. Usually these two guys score week in and week out, so basically they can have goals scored in every matches, but again, assumptions are wrong. Messi has scored in 25 matches, out of which again most are in home matches, while Cristiano scored in 27 matches. That’s the record number of matches a player in single season has scored. Cristiano also holds the edge when it comes to the number of opponents, a player in a single has scored against, having scored against every opponent in the league while Messi falls short of two opponents which include Madrid as well.
Ronaldo silencing the Nou Camp
Classicos are always considered as the deciding matches of the league whenever it is Barcelona and Madrid involved in the race at top two. This time’s classico matches have been no different except that the second classico match sealed the league. First classico, both the players didn’t score but Messi did provide an assist while Ronaldo blew away the two wonderful chances which could have all but won the match for Madrid as they were leading through Benzema’s goal when CR7 blew that chance to make 2-0. However, with Madrid sitting at 10 point clear above Barcelona till March, the league title seemed all over for Barcelone only to wait for string of draws for Madrid which cut down the lead to the 4 points and classico match at Nou Camp was left to decide the title. Up stepped CR7 to score the victory goal. Messi again did not go out of the match without doing anything, he provided that assist for Barcelona’s only goal in the match but the league was but all over for Barcelona.
So until the league was alive for Barca, the goals scored by these two players were equal at 43, then why so a big difference in the goals scored (50-46) which makes me to point out that in the remaining matches, Barcelona played but for Pichichi (highest goal scorer individually in the league) in which Messi scored 7 goals which counted for nothing but a personal glory for latter.
So it can be argued that Ronaldo had a better league season than Messi even though Messi leads latter in goals and assists.
Again there is an argument that Messi has scored more goals in Champion’s league, a record -14 goals in a season. If we break these goals, again, half of Messi’s goals came against Bayer Leverkusen, 7 goals in two matches, in the process Messi becoming first player to score five goals in a single Champion’s league match. But in the last two semifinals of Barcelona, Messi was virtually absent, first match he lost a ball to Frank Lampard which resulted in a goal, and second match, again Messi lost a ball which resulted in a goal from Chelsea. He had a better chance than anyone to take Barca ahead with penalty that he missed by hitting on the bar. It would have still been better for his team mates, if he could have scored one or two against Chelsea than those seven against Leverkusen. Now looking at the goals CR scored, 12, they also did not result in a good ending for Madrid. However, he can be blamed for having his penalty saved by Neuer, and becoming a part of team failure to win in a penalty shootout but he did his part to at least take the team till the end. He assisted a goal to Ozil in Bayern and scored two in Madrid to take the game to the end.
Coming to the trophies these two have won, Messi sits again at top with three trophies and one yet to be played for which he might possibly win, and Ronaldo with a single league cup. However, the values of the trophy won surely are in favor of Ronaldo. There’s never a comparison of Spanish super cup, World Club cup, European super cup with the league cup. Amongst all the cups, Messi might have, Copa Del rey is even better which he needs to win. And when Ronaldo won that for Madrid last year at the expense of Barcelona in final, it didn’t really make a point for Ronaldo even though he was the record goal scorer with 40 goals in a single season and finished 7 ahead of his counterpart.
Celebrating the league title 2012
Therefore, conceding to the fact that Messi is a best player right now, Ronaldo surely had a last laugh this season. It will be interesting to see how voting will work for the Ballon d’Or award 2012. Will it be like 2010 when Sneidger had the best season of winning almost every club trophy and taking Dutch to the final and ends up without getting any award and Messi winning the award on popular basis? Or will the voting be in the basis of the team award won?

Messi and Ronaldo with Golden Ball; an accolade earned by season's best player
Who had a better season this time- Ronaldo or Messi?

Monday, May 14, 2012

The poem


What is a poem?
It’s a lyrics that poet sings
Of love, life, and nature

What is a poem?
It’s the words which honours the praised
Of accomplishment, triumph and solemnity.

What is a poem?
It’s the lullaby on the mother’s lip
Upon hearing which, into a beautiful sleep, a child is buried.

What is a poem?
It’s the lines that lovers trade
Of feelings trapped in between the words.

What is a poem?
It’s the melody which accompanies man
Sings a song of life filled with joy and melancholy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Architectural Thesis 2012: Pemagatshel Dzong Proposal

I have finally finished my thesis which is core part of the architectural degree. I have started it five months ago.
Old sketchy look

Its all how things begin and end up as architecture!

We do lots of things...:)

Incomplete things donot make complete sense:)

Tenzin Phuntsho- my motey fren...who ran here and there for me. Thanks Bro..:)

Tshering Wangchuk the lazy one who was active in building model.

Pidimo, the real fighter. Thanks Buddy:)

Model View 1

Model View 2

Yeah! Thats me, man in black!

Model view 2

Explaining the design to the jury! Its tough to make them understand what is a dzong?

Ya Guys! this is it, the dzong!

Do you see here, the yellow roof all over the blocks..thats the dzong..:)

Oh Yes, i am glad sir, you finally understood it!
From the sky!

Everything has an end, except that there are some happy endings.....:)
Special thanks for Chosang Doma, Kunal, Khushal and many people who were supportive and encouraging.

And big hug to Kheta, my cousin brother who sponsored this thesis of mine.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letting the dream go for another one

Some dreams are just to let go unachieved so that another can be prepared for.
There are moments in life where one would wait his entire career or college days just to live one particular moment the way one wants to but ends up going other way. Desires are such that it can be constructed and built for even without knowing the end where most of it ends without the desired end. I had a dream, a dream that I have longed for so many days and years now, and finally I am here standing with the dream itself but not knowing what to do. How many of us miss the chance to design our dreams into reality? Well, I admit I missed it but unlike many others, I don’t regret it though.
Our dreams are planned even though we don’t have the knowledge of things hiding behind the walls. Some dreams can’t even climb over the walls, let alone fear the ones behind it. Our life is others’ as much as ours’, I read somewhere, and there’s nothing more to agree to it. We are dependent on the systems so much that sometimes we have to fight the whole world just to let ourselves become victor, and sometimes, we succumb to the weird lines of hindering rules of systems. There are rules which can’t be fought even though it’s wrong, and these rules threaten ourselves if we refuse to go the bed with the systems, thus threatening the survival of our dreams.
Letting dreams go so that another can be prepared for is much better than killing the vigor to dream, thus we have nothing but to agree to the wind as it blows. Fighting a dream is one thing, while living to dream on is quite another. I have learnt that sometimes, good lies in lying to as well. There can always be another day, another thing in life ahead to feel satisfied of having achieved a dream.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lost in loads of work. Now I am lying uninspired and tired...
Picture Courtesy: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/

Monday, February 6, 2012

College Experience; Prologue

It seems like 4 and half years passed just like a few weeks. You know hanging around with friends, gossiping on movies, women, architecture (sometimes) and lot more, and time has passed down the bridge like a river promising to never come back again. Lecture classes, night outs, design trips and sleeping on a college lawn during the day, I am more than little surprised with myself being at the verge of completing the five long years in a few months. Yes, I am now on my last ride, and wish me good luck so that your prayers would bless me a safe and of course interesting end to my college life. 
We started off quite bizarrely; on the way to Kolkata (Don’t know why Scholarship Division sent us to Kolkata while we could have directly gone to Delhi) our bus met with an accident on the fateful night. Handy boy had jumped outside and driver was still lying on his seat unhurt when I woke up to the commotion around. Looking through the window, in the flood of lights, I saw a man running towards the bus with a slipper in hand. Behind him, a big huge truck was crashed into a big chunk of waste. And driver was lucky to have escaped. Police at midnight gathered in an unknown place. We were asked to take out our luggage as the bus will not be allowed to continue its journey. And I was less than enjoying the adventure. My first venture towards an unknown place and I end up getting deep into the unknown trouble which threatens the end of my journey even before I really start it.
After hassling and arguing with the handy boy, we waited for a bus to ply by and it already passed dinner time. Anywhere in India, something or the other always keeps on running on the road unlike our country where we hardly have any vehicles moving during the night. We boarded on another bus which was almost empty and in few minutes, it reached us near the dabaa. In an agony of sudden shock and being hungry, we rushed to a big restaurant. It was so funny, the owner never let anyone to leave his dabaa until one paid Rs.100 whether one has eaten more or less, no one knows including the owner. In a broad day light, next day our bus was playing right through the busy street of Kolkata. Over a night, the bus dropped us right in the heart of Kolkata city.
We were received (as in waited for) by a complete stranger who claimed to be a person responsible for getting our train tickets. He took us to a nice restaurant and later to a Howrah train Station. It was time to depart with other friends. Train experience was the first time in life and it was also first time in life that I got myself walking in a place crowded with thousands and thousands carrying luggage, shouting, begging, and walking. It was the busiest affair in Howrah.
New Delhi Stationhttp://bishnupriyamanipuri.files.wordpress.com/
Train was of course comfortable and cool for almost Rs. 2600 which could have been much lesser lest we have taken direct from NJP. And New Delhi station was even busier than the one in Kolkata. The trains honking, women shouting in a speaker, people running here and there, we got lost not knowing where to go now. Unlike the one in Kolkata, in Delhi there was no one who could take us to our college. In a wake of all the commotion and confusion, a decently dressed up man approached three of us asking where wants to go. We were expecting a person from a college who could take us to the college and help us in getting accommodated comfortably as we were briefed by Scholarship Division a few days before we were supposed to leave. And it turned out to be so untrue.
Take my advice my friends; in India if you know little bit of anything Indian, take it and claim it, it helps one in getting favors from a situation. We took ourselves at the mercy of situation and of course a pure sanctity of human reaction towards any helpless person and a new in other’s place that they would help us to get through out of it, but it was a mistake. Speaking in English even though I knew little bit of Hindi, it back fired completely. It made him easy to pounce upon us , every damn foreigner for him is a profit. For a reasonable price (as he claimed), we took a cab to our college which later on turned out so near for an amount of Rs. 300. However, for another extra Rs.200, we have to take our cab to the hostel as college campus is divided into a college classroom and hostel which are separated by about 10 kilometers. Luckily when we reached the hostel campus that too after lurking into so many corners, hostel warden called some Bhutanese students there.
First experience in India and already bouncing with much to share, I let the cheatings and accidents go for our college life was about to take its mark. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Youth and youthful follies

Remember the words of our beloved His Majesty the king that future of the country rests in the hands of our youth who would become the citizens of tomorrow? Well, one should as it has become nonetheless the most spoken of slogans in school speeches, Dashos’ addressing, principals’ advises, and of course a pet line for a blogger like me to even begin my post on youth and related subjects. And most ironically, we are today in an age where youth problems have not only become a common problem but also has threatened the safety of many other around. It’s no mystery or a joke for that matter if a fully grown up man is scared to walk alone in night around the street corners. Personally my parents would always caution me even when I am late by few hours at home in the evening. And they are not being strict parents but a concerned folks shaken up by the stories of youthful follies, crimes and incidents floating around frequently in papers and of course in talks around the neighborhood.
In a week, there are lots and lots of incidences where out of fight, a young man is stabbed or wounded, and it is just as frequent as any unwelcome guest. The society is threatened of its peace and even worse sometimes when a source that which threatens your neighbor is but your own son. Through my personal experience, I am sometimes haunted by the thoughts of an acquaintance who was stabbed in Lobesa and succumbed to death later on in Punakha hospital. Its unbelievable, my friends that yesterday you were talking, joking and having a fun with a person and today he is killed by certain young guy who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. And such trend has now picked up at an alarming rate, and it’s something that which should worry everyone before like a cursed plague, it starts contaminating the whole civilization.
It’s becoming a trend as if it’s something that should spread to become a culture. Our lives are threatened not by the bombs of terrorist attacks but definitely much more alarming than it, the acts of our younger generations. The parenting and schooling is now called upon for extra responsibilities and not only them, even ourselves as a part of the society who have in some ways contributed in building such threatening youth nuisance is called upon to start thinking of making younger generations a crop of tomorrow’s citizen as envisioned by the King.
Youths of Bhutan are in stabbing spree, and we are still not wondering about the ones who let the dogs out? If we are threatened to roam around in the city, then its always wiser to groom the ones in our house to a better person so that he doesn’t go before you and you get scared to move around. If charity starts from house, then misfortune also begins from it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Race to the 'End of the World in 2012'

The end has already begun to appear near. It’s unimaginable that I am talking about here. Yes, my friends, end of blogging, end of reading, end of writing, end of life, end of everything-The End of the World 2012. If we are to believe that certain section of natives of South Mexico, Mayans notably or perhaps mysteriously understood to have predicted many major events in the world already, then world ends in 2012 as per their PREDICTION. It is largely based on the mysterious reason which is baffling to the world as to why they ended their calendar on 21st December, 2012.
However, like many people, I don’t want to die, at least not before I give back the most to the ones who served me so far. Yes, I wouldn’t like to end my life with the end of world in 2012. And moresoever, I don’t believe this superstition driven hoax of some ancient faith. There are more scientific to many things around, let alone the world, in fact even manufacturing a single needle is much more than engineering. And we are battling an unimaginable event by virtue of which, it would led to the end of the world and that on the secrets unknown to the science.
However, just for fun, I have put up the timer (check out on the left column of my blog page), a race towards the end. Let’s just pray that I would be alive with all of you on 22nd December 2012. We will celebrate of being alive...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012