Thursday, January 12, 2012

Race to the 'End of the World in 2012'

The end has already begun to appear near. It’s unimaginable that I am talking about here. Yes, my friends, end of blogging, end of reading, end of writing, end of life, end of everything-The End of the World 2012. If we are to believe that certain section of natives of South Mexico, Mayans notably or perhaps mysteriously understood to have predicted many major events in the world already, then world ends in 2012 as per their PREDICTION. It is largely based on the mysterious reason which is baffling to the world as to why they ended their calendar on 21st December, 2012.
However, like many people, I don’t want to die, at least not before I give back the most to the ones who served me so far. Yes, I wouldn’t like to end my life with the end of world in 2012. And moresoever, I don’t believe this superstition driven hoax of some ancient faith. There are more scientific to many things around, let alone the world, in fact even manufacturing a single needle is much more than engineering. And we are battling an unimaginable event by virtue of which, it would led to the end of the world and that on the secrets unknown to the science.
However, just for fun, I have put up the timer (check out on the left column of my blog page), a race towards the end. Let’s just pray that I would be alive with all of you on 22nd December 2012. We will celebrate of being alive...


  1. Interesting one, Sogyel! I also feel the same. I have to do so many things before I die. I want to learn, i want to grow old, i want to read and write. i want to give back to my family, society and friends what they have rendered upon me. Its unfair and incomplete have hearing world ends in 2012. Whatsoever,beautiful...

  2. let it be just a rumour, though its gonna be a universal death if ever it happens, i feel we deserve some more time to stay.