Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letting the dream go for another one

Some dreams are just to let go unachieved so that another can be prepared for.
There are moments in life where one would wait his entire career or college days just to live one particular moment the way one wants to but ends up going other way. Desires are such that it can be constructed and built for even without knowing the end where most of it ends without the desired end. I had a dream, a dream that I have longed for so many days and years now, and finally I am here standing with the dream itself but not knowing what to do. How many of us miss the chance to design our dreams into reality? Well, I admit I missed it but unlike many others, I don’t regret it though.
Our dreams are planned even though we don’t have the knowledge of things hiding behind the walls. Some dreams can’t even climb over the walls, let alone fear the ones behind it. Our life is others’ as much as ours’, I read somewhere, and there’s nothing more to agree to it. We are dependent on the systems so much that sometimes we have to fight the whole world just to let ourselves become victor, and sometimes, we succumb to the weird lines of hindering rules of systems. There are rules which can’t be fought even though it’s wrong, and these rules threaten ourselves if we refuse to go the bed with the systems, thus threatening the survival of our dreams.
Letting dreams go so that another can be prepared for is much better than killing the vigor to dream, thus we have nothing but to agree to the wind as it blows. Fighting a dream is one thing, while living to dream on is quite another. I have learnt that sometimes, good lies in lying to as well. There can always be another day, another thing in life ahead to feel satisfied of having achieved a dream.