Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To be good, it must last

“To be good, it must last” was the phrase which caught my simple mind. It was during one of those days after I finished 12th and was in a school representing my younger brother’s result day. The guest of honor was a district magistrate who while giving away the prizes to the students, who have out-stood others in the exam, made a very big statement to those young kids gathered in front of the school. I really do not know if students understood what he meant or not, but for me it kind of came as a very good food-for-thought.

How many things abruptly succumbs to a change of failure and suddenly good thing they once stood for is evaporated in a thin air? How many heroes end with a big tragedy when they meet their nemesis? How many of us are not able to keep up our good works or achievements? It’s as easy as to say that nothing lasts longer and that’s the beauty of everything in nature.

Today as I stand here looking at the same articles in a blog for about more than a month, I get a bizarre feeling whether the blog that I loved once so dearly is in dire need of my attention? And I get a guilty feeling of those days when I even forgot to check the blog, and I am here shamelessly trying to ask forgiveness for not being able to update and keep the life breathing healthily in it. And of course to those bloggers with whom me and my blog grew up, I am sorry to have not updated my blog and has left the space for this long.

Of course, in the stage where I have just begun my life, the dreams and the works occupy most of my time. And it’s become tough to keep the strings of other things in life uptight and updated.

Now I understand what the phrase meant and what magistrate then was trying to tell the young kids. To be good, or to earn the quality if being good, one must continue the good spirit of doing good things and never let the good things slip away. Just being good at one time and gradually losing the quality doesn't qualify to be good.