Friday, May 4, 2012

Architectural Thesis 2012: Pemagatshel Dzong Proposal

I have finally finished my thesis which is core part of the architectural degree. I have started it five months ago.
Old sketchy look

Its all how things begin and end up as architecture!

We do lots of things...:)

Incomplete things donot make complete sense:)

Tenzin Phuntsho- my motey fren...who ran here and there for me. Thanks Bro..:)

Tshering Wangchuk the lazy one who was active in building model.

Pidimo, the real fighter. Thanks Buddy:)

Model View 1

Model View 2

Yeah! Thats me, man in black!

Model view 2

Explaining the design to the jury! Its tough to make them understand what is a dzong?

Ya Guys! this is it, the dzong!

Do you see here, the yellow roof all over the blocks..thats the dzong..:)

Oh Yes, i am glad sir, you finally understood it!
From the sky!

Everything has an end, except that there are some happy endings.....:)
Special thanks for Chosang Doma, Kunal, Khushal and many people who were supportive and encouraging.

And big hug to Kheta, my cousin brother who sponsored this thesis of mine.


  1. great works brother.... its really amazing, beautiful and splendor... congrats with ur degree, and best wishes for coming times.

  2. Impressive. Your captions are making me laugh my guts out. I am wondering if you are flying the model back home and consider it for proposing to the government. I have never seen such a beautiful model. I am confident you will come home and do wonders.
    Congratulations for the completion of your Thesis, and being successful in making them understand what Dzongs are- "Those yellow roofed"

  3. Incredible! Loved your explanation for the Dzong. It is A, B, C first and later on Z with some missing alphabets. But things will get better anyways. Congratulation on completing your Degree.
    With Best Wishes from me...

  4. Wow...keep it up bro. You should fly the model home. Good luck with the rating though - your jury seems puzzled. Hehe...anyways good work bro!

  5. wow!
    Impressive and good job.....

  6. Congratulations on your thesis. The pictures of your project are wonderful! There are several buildings at UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) using the dzong style -- great buildings. I hope to visit Bhutan very soon to see the real thing up close and personal.

  7. Nice model... liked it man... u hav js started ... keep goin...

  8. Didnt even know u had this up until now, when im searching for my own thesis topic haha