Architectural Thesis 2012: Pemagatshel Dzong Proposal

I have finally finished my thesis which is core part of the architectural degree. I have started it five months ago.
Old sketchy look

Its all how things begin and end up as architecture!

We do lots of things...:)

Incomplete things donot make complete sense:)

Tenzin Phuntsho- my motey fren...who ran here and there for me. Thanks Bro..:)

Tshering Wangchuk the lazy one who was active in building model.

Pidimo, the real fighter. Thanks Buddy:)

Model View 1

Model View 2

Yeah! Thats me, man in black!

Model view 2

Explaining the design to the jury! Its tough to make them understand what is a dzong?

Ya Guys! this is it, the dzong!

Do you see here, the yellow roof all over the blocks..thats the dzong..:)

Oh Yes, i am glad sir, you finally understood it!
From the sky!

Everything has an end, except that there are some happy endings.....:)
Special thanks for Chosang Doma, Kunal, Khushal and many people who were supportive and encouraging.

And big hug to Kheta, my cousin brother who sponsored this thesis of mine.

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