Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebrating love and Seeking your wishes

Behind the curling clouds,
Inside the heart of a peaceful valley
A damsel near to my heart
Who reigns in my dream
Awaits  me
To fill her lives
With love, joy and dreams.
Our love, to be nurtured
With more love
And our trust, to be strengthened
With more trust
That which shall defy the distance
And bury the days of aloofness
In the tides of flowing darkness
Awaits the day
When the clouds be pierced through
By the light much glittering
On whose rays
Her joys will sit to spread
And my dreams will sit to fly.
Never had I celebrated the love
But mourned when it has perished,
Burying the sorrows of past
Here I am celebrating the love again
Seeking your wishes
Of a joyful love
And together, with her
I shall live my life
Rearing happiness and love.


  1. Wish you close the distance sooner and fill her heart too.

  2. Lovely! The distance is invisible if you have love you lovebird truly. Keep going strong n keep singing the love songs!

  3. @Yessi7
    Thank you. And with your wishes, i am blessed to even hope for the best where i fill her dreams and heart very soon.....

    sir...in fact thank you for leaving commment in my blog. And yub, if love is strong and true, distance is invisible