Thursday, October 20, 2011

Waiting for Ra.One

My admiration for Shah Rukh Khan is beyond his films. Of course i admit, i grew up along with my friends watching Hindi movies, and later in high schools, most of the movies i watched were Shah Rukh Khan’s. The romance of course catches our hormonal growth. There is always this wonderful romance in his movies. However, there was little that i knew about this guy than this movies.  Around few weeks in college, seniors in a special screening in our own graphics room, i watched Annie. Though the movie was shot entirely in our college campus, School of Planning and Architecture, then the Indian Institute of Architecture, Shah Rukh comes off in middle of the movie in one or two scenes. No one could imagine that this guy used to that small actor who played literally unknown characters in the movie. In short, he was basically no one, and now in his career of 20 years, he is the richest and most successful actor in India.
Success, and Shah Rukh are so much synonymous to me. And with more and more challenging things rolling around life, and life growing up to face the harsh realities, his life pompous with rich, success and glory inspires me. It makes if anyone like him who literally from no one to Shah Rukh Khan saw so much success through one’s own intelligence and hard work, there’s just need of few ounces of luck to push for more. Today he is the brand in himself. Nothing sales so much as he gets.
Ever since, the trailer of Ra.One was released, i have wanted so much to go and watch it. And the wish now seems to be coming very soon. Ra.One possibly the India's most expensive movie so far is going to be released on 26th October in both 2D and 3D. Diwali has so far seen most successful movies of the actor. The movie’s trailers looks nothing less than Hollywood superhero movies. And to get the level up to Hollywood movies, the technicians who worked in the movie are mostly experienced Hollywood technicians. It truly is a treat for me. 
As for now, just waiting and hoping that Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One will be as good as his other movies if not the best.

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  1. An applause for Sharukh, he never lose. He earns it and the fame he earn is the greatest achievement so far. Even I am too excited as you are. I bet the movie is going to be an exotic one ;)