Sunday, October 16, 2011

Royal Wedding; Pictures with thousand memories

HM announcing his wish to marry Jitsuen Pema on 20th May, 2011

Jitsuen Pema with the King
Royal Bride Jitsuen Pema, a day before royal wedding in Punakha Dzong.
Finally on 13th October in Punakha Dzong
King and the Royal Bride
And the queen is crowned
Posing for journalists around the world who came for royal wedding
Walking down towards the people who are waiting outside to have the glimpse of Royal Couple
His Majesty and the queen walking through the crowd's greetings.
Receiving Khada from the crowds
Thimphu waiting for His Majesty and the Queen, 14th October, 2011.
Finally His Majesty and the queen arrives in Thimphu.
Third day 15th Oct, in Changlimithang.
His Majesty kissing the queen much to the delight of the crowd.
Finally on the lips. HM said before kissing her, "I must kiss your queen."
Happy amongst the joyous crowd.
celebration continues
HM dancing with members of parliament ...


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