Monday, August 22, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo in New Castrol EDGE Documentary
Cristiano Ronaldo  attempts to smash a glass wall with a trademark free-kick in a new Castrol EDGE documentary which will be broadcast next month. 

The Real Madrid attacker has already shot the 60-minute feature in Madrid, where he undertook a series of challenges set by some of the world's leading sports scientists. Castrol EDGE Presents Ronaldo Tested to the Limit is to be broadcast in the UK by Sky Sports and shown around the world over the coming months.

Ronaldo is put through a series of elaborate tests to help understand what gives him the strength to perform at an elite level. His ability to strike the ball hard is examined as he tries to shatter walls of glass with a deadball strike. 

Viewers will also be able to see how the Portuguese player fares against an elite sprinter in a battle of speed and agility. The world's most expensive player is also put to the test in a further challenge as he attempts to outwit laser gun snipers. 

After completing the documentary in Madrid the player said: "Shooting the film has been really exciting as it’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this. The challenges were designed to look at my strength and skill in detail and it’s been a great experience to see how my body works."

Ronaldo added: "The challenges were really tough, but I think I did well on the day.”
The documentary will bring viewers up close and personal with Ronaldo by using ultra slow motion and high impact computer generated imagery. Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger and England boss Fabio Capello have also contributed to the 60-minute feature. 
Castrol EDGE were granted unprecedented access to their global ambassador who shot the film while preparing for the new season with Real Madrid. The documentary, which was developed by M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and filmed by UK production house Plum Pictures, will have a red carpet premiere next month in Spain.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Architect, the sexiest profession

“All architects want to live beyond their deaths.
Philip Johnson
With Beauties everywhere.
Before I really began my post, I would like to make one thing clear that this article is not about Brad Pitt wanting to be an architect, or it isn’t about Louis Kahn, one of the famous architects having three wives who did not cross each other’s path until his death. It is rather about Architects being a sexy, simply put, SEXY. Now don’t get me wrong when I claim, in fact more than a claim, making a boisterous noise of me being sexier for I am an architect, or little below to be calling sexy for I am yet to become architect. Anyways, whether less or being architect, it doesn’t change the fact the architect is the sexiest profession for males. Yes, you read it quite rightly. Brad Pitt working on Model
The survey, conducted by the introduction agency Drawing Down the Moon, found that women favored architects “due to the esteem associated with the profession”.
Architects are seen as being “balanced and rounded individuals who combine a creative approach with a caring, thoughtful disposition”, the survey found. It concluded: “Their ability to cope with pressure of work in a relaxed manner was also deemed to be a significant plus.”
Male architects beat stockbrokers, doctors, film directors and teachers on the top spot.
However female members of the profession fared less well and did not feature in the top 10 out of male preferences.
This survey report, not only ignites the ones in the profession to be much bigger and sexier, but it also kind of makes one feel sexy, yeah, much sexier in fact. You know, it’s a beautiful feeling to be being at the end of wishes of all the beautiful ladies around. (I am not laughing, so please you also please don’t, in fact what’s wrong in being sexy, yeah?) Whatever it is, let me defend the survey with few things sexy about Architects.
Architects are trained to think differently, and people expect us to be creative, intelligent and of course with a solution for every damn problem.
Architect creates. I often say to my friends or even to someone who is my junior, if one comes seeking suggestions or inspirations, that God created the world, and today architects continue doing it so. Our works stands the test of time and becomes the standing history of our world.
Architects earn big money. Well not so true with everyone, many famous architects have died bankrupt. Of course going by the salary paid in certain percentage of a project cost, it kind of sounds lucrative. And I don’t know whether these women who voted gave in the votes on the basis of the money we earn.
Being architect is as cool as its name sounds. Doesn’t A-R-C-H-I-T-E-C-T sound sexy?
Looking for inspirations on everything one sees around, being passionately observant and keenly working on the design isn’t there so much fascinating about seeing something beautiful and one goes wow?
Architects are passionate, simply passionate about what we do, so ladies, you understand what I mean?
By the way, lest few of you think otherwise or have different opinion about Architects being sexy, I am just doing a bit of self-comforting, don’t take it seriously. Just let me bask in the glory for now.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

My day out in Zoo

     On the eve of Independence day, I took my cousin to National Zoological Park in Delhi. Well, to be honest, this is my fifth year in Delhi, and I remain guilty of having not visited the zoo even once. SO on Sunday, 14th August, thanks to my cousin, I had a chance to visit the zoo.

Well, forgive me for not being to bring out the best images from the zoo which I took. For the sake of an argument, one can say being an architecture student, I am supposed to be good in photography. Well, I am not, apologies for that. Here are my photographs from the visit to zoo.

Guarded by armored Rhinos.

This here is a white tiger. Apparently, there was another breed of tiger behind the wall and it was trying its best to get into the other side of the wall and unleash itself.

This here is called as Emu. With long legs, they are like ostrich in appearance. They can't fly either.

 And this black bear was kind of sick. Crawling slowly, over the croaky rocks. 

Behold the shameless baboon, showing off his naked ass. Can there be anything as humiliating welcome as this one to the visitors. Have my Pink ass..!

Here, this old bird with heavy goiter, gulps down the big fish it just fished out. It seemed like an old wonderful evening in a sunset with a bottle of whiskey and handful of delicious fish.

Well, the day was not so hot much to the disappointment of our old Hippo. There was nothing better than to wait for its keeper to come out with a food. You know guys, without sun, waters are not the best thing to be in.

Amidst whole bunch of breed, this beautiful thing seems to have lost its way into the ensnarement of certain beautiful thing. Staring, staring......staring. 

Friendship sees no color, especially in today's age where slogans against the racial discrimination are all over flaunting over the walls and streets. This two has taken to the next stage, better get learning, People!

Now this is a part where it gets interesting. Never heard until today that there are peacocks with white feathers. All peacocks are colorful. 

This two are peaceful. And I didn't disturb, so there goes my ignorance about what the hell is these things? But there are beautiful...

Like a gladiator, this Rhino here is armored in its rich shields. Like an undefeated soldier, it walks freely, and we have my Crow riding on it. 

Deers blushing at the astonishment of visitors.

Is there anyone as beautiful as me? The proud, perhaps proudest of all to have even climbed on the fence and flaunting the beauty, Peacock looks around.

These guys are here to play football. They are ready with their socks and boots.

And oh! Yeah, this is the most important part of the experience i had today. 

I know, now that you have finished going over my images and wondering where are all the beautiful animals which one would usually go to see in the zoo. Apart from the mighty white tiger, I have not been so blessed to be there near the lions, giraffes, tigers, leopards, and many more. Firstly, I tell you guys that if a zoo is big as this one, its better to gear up yourself early morning. Going in a day time, that too around the late afternoon, I missed many than I saw. If one visits for the first time, it is always advisable for one to use the guide maps or consult to the guides around. When I realized that i would have seen the lion if I had asked the zoo keepers around, it was already dark. Anyway, my appetite has grown more, I would definitely visit once again.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pet Phrases

Have you ever heard some people use the phrases many often than they are supposed to while having a conversation? Something like “in fact I feel”…”like”...”you know”…”basically”….or much more. Like, I usually am a fan of the phrase “I mean”...i don’t realize how many times I use it while giving a presentation or having a casual chat with my friend. Be it in person or in Facebook, I mean, I am there with the phrase “I mean” and I mean it. I am quite sure you have yours of which some of you may not be conscious of.  Another word i fondly use most of the time is, "of course".
I have this principal, Mr. Lungten Wangdi. In his five minutes of speech to the students, one would reach the counts to more than a score for the usage of the phrase, “in fact”. Like, he would start his speech with the word in fact. “In fact, these days most of you miss the morning prayers which in fact is not a good practice to be in fact followed or tried to. We would now get in fact stricter on the issues. In fact if you are found guilty of such practices, we would in fact punish you severely…” And it would go on and on with the phrase in fact resonating amongst students. Then we have Mr. Karma Dendup, our principal in High School. He would never miss the phrase “in case”, incase this, in case that, in case students, in case we have a full period class…there is no ending in case he is to put a new sentence without his favorite phrase. There are many, many we use commonly every day. Almost like slang, we use these phrases now and then.I have this friend, Nima. He was a very bright student, and in science subjects, this guy always had an upper hand from most of the students. But funny thing about him is that whenever he gives a definition, be it in a class or in an examination, his definition will always start with the phrase, "It is nothing but a...". Sir would scold him to avoid giving answers with that phrase. Atom is nothing but a smallest particle of a matter made out of a nucleus surrounded by electrons.
Lets look at our own phrases in Bhutanese culture. The phrase “sang mage wai semchen bae ni dhi gi (because that I am not enlightened being)” and of course we have also phrases like “maa shi (in fact)” and there are others like “lhag par dhug yang (more over)”  “drowa semchen (sentient beings)”…we use it often than not. Whether one understands what it mean or how to use it, one would most of the time hear these phrases often during dasho’s speech, parliamentary discussion, or even a speech of a student in a school.
I know, most of you by now have not only understood what I am trying to say, but have even gathered few phrases that you use often. So why don't you tell me what’s yours?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Why i love football?

Have you ever heard of people saying that football fans are the most aggressive people? You might have also heard some telling that is a gentlemen’s game played by hooligans; too much bloodshed sometimes due to excessive jostling, rushing and pushing. Footballers may seem to be driving in posh cars, partying with beautiful ladies, putting up in a luxury places, and living a life greater than oneself but these stars have had many surgeries. It’s not so cool game or for that matter, not so cool profession.

However, I have my reasons why I watch football and how it helps me understanding life, world, people and the game so much. The above things don’t stop me from watching football or playing football.

Crazy Fans...
Being football fan, it makes you love playing football. Well, I am not so a good footballer by the way, but I enjoy playing football. It keeps me fit and energetic. Football is a physical game.

Football keeps one away from unhealthier stuffs. Its about being a part of healthier society.
Football has so many choices you would like. Best thing about the choice is that you can choose any team you like and any footballer you enjoy watching him play. For me, its always been Cristiano Ronaldo ; the one source of inspiration in life.
 Supporting team or perhaps a player in a team, I learn how to accept the defeat and how to be humble when my team wins.
We could have won...!
Sports have always been the source of inspiration, source of education and source of recreation. And there is so much in football.
 Football is most popular game people watch and play, so there is no wonder why I won’t get many friends around. It helps me building the relationship. I know few around the world, who like real Madrid or cristiano ronaldo. Even though we never met, we keep on conversing or chatting over the player or over the particular game. We celebrate victories, we mourn the losses.
 Watching a football is in many ways better than sticking one’s ass over a sofa for many hours in front of television set watching some TV serials. Football is a short time game. In one and half hours, the game ends, deciding your reasons to either party or sleep hoping for a better show from your team.

Football connects everyone. It has no racial discriminations or ethnic disparities. Everyone enjoys equal opportunity. Today Fifa has more number of countries as its member than UN.
 Its all about superstars. Its about one wonder goal from Messi, one magical skill from Ronaldo, one great play of perfect co-ordination and perfect harmony, and one is always a part of such things. Wars were stopped to watch Pele play football and Mandela united the South Africa through sports like rugby.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you know what you are speaking?

One man's frankness is another man's vulgarity.  ~Kevin Smith
Watching Russel Peter’s latest comedy show, I was caught up in a thought when he asks one of the audiences who happens to be Hungarian about the Hungarian word for “kiss”. You can’t believe it, it’s PUSZI (sounding more so like “pus*y”). “Soo soo” for Indians , in fact even for us, it’s when we ask our child about going to bathroom to leak, while for Filipinos, it’s the word for “tits”. Though the words have same sound, we have a different description according to one’s own ethnicity.
Ladies, you wanna a ride?
Even in our own small country, in about few languages we have, there are lots those which have same sound, but mean different to each group. One always have the reticent smile whenever we say “long” in front of Sharchops, or for that matter, even when sharchops speak time and again the word “Shakepa” infront of Bumthaps. For Bumthaps, it means “Balls” though it means being reached in sharchops while “long” in sharchop is a “Dick”. And you know, what’s the word for dick in Albania, its “Car”.  I know most of you guys are so familiar with Thailand, and I am quite sure you would agree with me, the word “YET” being their word for f*ck.
Better no Puszi than a kiss.
I did a small research, trying to find out what are the words with same sound but have a different description in other languages. There are plenty, trust me. Remember, the Hungarian word for the kiss, it’s even better to put the word PUSZI with the Swedish word for “Pee” which means kiss. Now, you can’t kiss a “puszi” that is to pee..:) Do you know what’s the word “ahem” in Arabic mean, its ladies’ special part? You know what I mean.
In Germany, if you happen to be in a town looking for something you want to present to your friends, its always better not to say to your shopkeeper that you are going to gift it to someone. For them, gift is their word for poison. You would kill people by giving them gift. Their word for hell is “light”, how ironical?
O.K dudes, here’s another word which we often use in our conversation. But be careful dudes, in Afghanistan, calling dude would mean you calling Camel Balls. You don’t find “dude” here unless you are in some desert, and Arab would laugh at your “YET face”.
For Turks, Peach is never a fruit that one can eat, it’s rather a sound for the word, Bastard. So there, you can father a peach and let it grow, while we will eat peach here.

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