Friday, August 5, 2011

Why i love football?

Have you ever heard of people saying that football fans are the most aggressive people? You might have also heard some telling that is a gentlemen’s game played by hooligans; too much bloodshed sometimes due to excessive jostling, rushing and pushing. Footballers may seem to be driving in posh cars, partying with beautiful ladies, putting up in a luxury places, and living a life greater than oneself but these stars have had many surgeries. It’s not so cool game or for that matter, not so cool profession.

However, I have my reasons why I watch football and how it helps me understanding life, world, people and the game so much. The above things don’t stop me from watching football or playing football.

Crazy Fans...
Being football fan, it makes you love playing football. Well, I am not so a good footballer by the way, but I enjoy playing football. It keeps me fit and energetic. Football is a physical game.

Football keeps one away from unhealthier stuffs. Its about being a part of healthier society.
Football has so many choices you would like. Best thing about the choice is that you can choose any team you like and any footballer you enjoy watching him play. For me, its always been Cristiano Ronaldo ; the one source of inspiration in life.
 Supporting team or perhaps a player in a team, I learn how to accept the defeat and how to be humble when my team wins.
We could have won...!
Sports have always been the source of inspiration, source of education and source of recreation. And there is so much in football.
 Football is most popular game people watch and play, so there is no wonder why I won’t get many friends around. It helps me building the relationship. I know few around the world, who like real Madrid or cristiano ronaldo. Even though we never met, we keep on conversing or chatting over the player or over the particular game. We celebrate victories, we mourn the losses.
 Watching a football is in many ways better than sticking one’s ass over a sofa for many hours in front of television set watching some TV serials. Football is a short time game. In one and half hours, the game ends, deciding your reasons to either party or sleep hoping for a better show from your team.

Football connects everyone. It has no racial discriminations or ethnic disparities. Everyone enjoys equal opportunity. Today Fifa has more number of countries as its member than UN.
 Its all about superstars. Its about one wonder goal from Messi, one magical skill from Ronaldo, one great play of perfect co-ordination and perfect harmony, and one is always a part of such things. Wars were stopped to watch Pele play football and Mandela united the South Africa through sports like rugby.

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