Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you know what you are speaking?

One man's frankness is another man's vulgarity.  ~Kevin Smith
Watching Russel Peter’s latest comedy show, I was caught up in a thought when he asks one of the audiences who happens to be Hungarian about the Hungarian word for “kiss”. You can’t believe it, it’s PUSZI (sounding more so like “pus*y”). “Soo soo” for Indians , in fact even for us, it’s when we ask our child about going to bathroom to leak, while for Filipinos, it’s the word for “tits”. Though the words have same sound, we have a different description according to one’s own ethnicity.
Ladies, you wanna a ride?
Even in our own small country, in about few languages we have, there are lots those which have same sound, but mean different to each group. One always have the reticent smile whenever we say “long” in front of Sharchops, or for that matter, even when sharchops speak time and again the word “Shakepa” infront of Bumthaps. For Bumthaps, it means “Balls” though it means being reached in sharchops while “long” in sharchop is a “Dick”. And you know, what’s the word for dick in Albania, its “Car”.  I know most of you guys are so familiar with Thailand, and I am quite sure you would agree with me, the word “YET” being their word for f*ck.
Better no Puszi than a kiss.
I did a small research, trying to find out what are the words with same sound but have a different description in other languages. There are plenty, trust me. Remember, the Hungarian word for the kiss, it’s even better to put the word PUSZI with the Swedish word for “Pee” which means kiss. Now, you can’t kiss a “puszi” that is to pee..:) Do you know what’s the word “ahem” in Arabic mean, its ladies’ special part? You know what I mean.
In Germany, if you happen to be in a town looking for something you want to present to your friends, its always better not to say to your shopkeeper that you are going to gift it to someone. For them, gift is their word for poison. You would kill people by giving them gift. Their word for hell is “light”, how ironical?
O.K dudes, here’s another word which we often use in our conversation. But be careful dudes, in Afghanistan, calling dude would mean you calling Camel Balls. You don’t find “dude” here unless you are in some desert, and Arab would laugh at your “YET face”.
For Turks, Peach is never a fruit that one can eat, it’s rather a sound for the word, Bastard. So there, you can father a peach and let it grow, while we will eat peach here.

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  1. Interesting post. Another funny word i knew recently in sharchopkha itself: the people of orong and p/gatshel call 'Guu' (nga in dzo) for 'sibsoo' (lader used in kitchen). How funny yet unique?

  2. Ha ha ha Interesting read. So you are now becoming an architect of language too. I am a Russel Peter fan too.