Monday, August 15, 2011

My day out in Zoo

     On the eve of Independence day, I took my cousin to National Zoological Park in Delhi. Well, to be honest, this is my fifth year in Delhi, and I remain guilty of having not visited the zoo even once. SO on Sunday, 14th August, thanks to my cousin, I had a chance to visit the zoo.

Well, forgive me for not being to bring out the best images from the zoo which I took. For the sake of an argument, one can say being an architecture student, I am supposed to be good in photography. Well, I am not, apologies for that. Here are my photographs from the visit to zoo.

Guarded by armored Rhinos.

This here is a white tiger. Apparently, there was another breed of tiger behind the wall and it was trying its best to get into the other side of the wall and unleash itself.

This here is called as Emu. With long legs, they are like ostrich in appearance. They can't fly either.

 And this black bear was kind of sick. Crawling slowly, over the croaky rocks. 

Behold the shameless baboon, showing off his naked ass. Can there be anything as humiliating welcome as this one to the visitors. Have my Pink ass..!

Here, this old bird with heavy goiter, gulps down the big fish it just fished out. It seemed like an old wonderful evening in a sunset with a bottle of whiskey and handful of delicious fish.

Well, the day was not so hot much to the disappointment of our old Hippo. There was nothing better than to wait for its keeper to come out with a food. You know guys, without sun, waters are not the best thing to be in.

Amidst whole bunch of breed, this beautiful thing seems to have lost its way into the ensnarement of certain beautiful thing. Staring, staring......staring. 

Friendship sees no color, especially in today's age where slogans against the racial discrimination are all over flaunting over the walls and streets. This two has taken to the next stage, better get learning, People!

Now this is a part where it gets interesting. Never heard until today that there are peacocks with white feathers. All peacocks are colorful. 

This two are peaceful. And I didn't disturb, so there goes my ignorance about what the hell is these things? But there are beautiful...

Like a gladiator, this Rhino here is armored in its rich shields. Like an undefeated soldier, it walks freely, and we have my Crow riding on it. 

Deers blushing at the astonishment of visitors.

Is there anyone as beautiful as me? The proud, perhaps proudest of all to have even climbed on the fence and flaunting the beauty, Peacock looks around.

These guys are here to play football. They are ready with their socks and boots.

And oh! Yeah, this is the most important part of the experience i had today. 

I know, now that you have finished going over my images and wondering where are all the beautiful animals which one would usually go to see in the zoo. Apart from the mighty white tiger, I have not been so blessed to be there near the lions, giraffes, tigers, leopards, and many more. Firstly, I tell you guys that if a zoo is big as this one, its better to gear up yourself early morning. Going in a day time, that too around the late afternoon, I missed many than I saw. If one visits for the first time, it is always advisable for one to use the guide maps or consult to the guides around. When I realized that i would have seen the lion if I had asked the zoo keepers around, it was already dark. Anyway, my appetite has grown more, I would definitely visit once again.

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