Friday, February 25, 2011

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter; Writing mightier than the Fist

Writing, it’s a magic. When I started writing...I discovered that I was doing more than just telling a story. See, writing is a weapon...and it’s more powerful than a fist can ever be. Every time I sit down to write, I could rise above the walls of this prison. I could look out over the walls all across the state of New Jersey. And I could see Nelson Mandela in his cell writing his book….”-Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter.
I have been collecting movies from most of my friends here in college. THEY KNOW THAT I LIKE MOVIES WITH SLOW PACE AND DEEP MESSAGES. There are few of them who have the same tastes like I do. So here is this movie-Hurricane. With an excellent performance from Denzil Washington, the movie injected some sense to me of struggle and of course that let the world be so uncanny scattered with cons and murderers, there are still some group of individuals who protects the line of humanity with equality and justice. No every white man is a racist and no every nigger is murderer. Well, this could be another story to write, but I don’t intend to ride you guys along with it. It’s a solved nuisance everywhere (and even if it’s not, its best left for the ones to figure out for what is left in naming people through colors). What caught my line of interest in the movie apart from an excellent story involving a nigger, a boxing champion, convicted of murder of white people in the bar, was Hurricane using his time in prison to write a book about his story. The truth can be fabricated and debated, but it cannot be concealed forever. Hurricane’s book inspires a nigger who relates his own life to that of former.
The inspiration leads to so many things in author’s life.

He loses his hope to be able to embrace the freedom in his life after being sentenced to life prison. After successive turn down of his appeals, he gets knocked out of the ring. There are no other rounds left for him to stand and fight for his innocence. The former boxing champion is now in the bigger ring fighting to get out of the ring filled with so many boxers. However, what turns out at the end, comes to a real shocker. His writing stays to live up to what he explained to the nigger that writing can be mightier than the fist can ever be when latter and his friends (white people) fight for his release. The subsequent event follows with Carter ‘Hurricane’ being able to break beyond the walls of prison. He gets reborn through the freedom his book has inspired. The truth someone has concealed and fabricated to put him behind the bars gets unearthed eventually, and Carter is out again in the world where normal people live after living in prison for almost 20 years. And what inspired me was that the movie was based on a novel called The Sixteenth Round. Ruben ‘Hurricane’ Carter wrote it after being imprisoned for the murder he didn’t commit. It is his true story of how a color of man can actually be a curse in a society where racial discrepancies dictate one’s social life. And of course, his writing.
As most of the time, I said, there’s someone who wrote that one can never know when and where one’s writing can inspire someone somewhere, this movie is all about it. YOU NEVER KNOW, your passion can result in producing inspirations for people out there.
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  2. Thanks Alpana for visiting my blog....hope we would be able to learn a lot from eachother,,,and good luck with your group....:)