Monday, February 21, 2011

Audience with the King

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There can never be words suffice enough to praise the king. With his gentle nature and of course loving gesture, old feel the warmth of their son, children feel the love of their elder, youth feel the inspiration of an accomplished parent, and government feel the firm sovereign of golden throne. Needless to say about his accomplishment in serving the people from the golden seat, one can only feel blessed for having being ruled by such a gracious human being. There are countless times when His Majesty showered the love for us-his people. I take this opportunity to wish him a very happy Birthday His Majesty. There can never be any moment extraordinary for every Bhutanese than this wonderful one.
I had this chance to meet the king personally in Tashi Chhodzong during 2009. Thanks to my friend, Dendup for initiating our audience with the Gracious one with a hope of offering the Thridhar. We missed the coronation (Once in life time event) because of our study in India. For almost three hours, we had the most wonderful time of our life with the King and of course His gentle humors.
Here are some of the fond moments of that day with His Majesty:
After having the seat in front of the HM, He asks (especially mentioning BOYS) whether we knew HRH Ashi Yangzom Wangchuk who was seating beside the King. He continues, “isn’t she beautiful?” The princess blushed while we felt very light and cheered up.
My friend and I, through some random luck, got ourselves seated right beside HM. But somehow there were more girls without seats. And HM turns towards us and says, “Be a gentleman!” And the next thing was I and my friend joining the other guys on floor behind the row of girls. Didn’t feel embarrassed but kind of felt proud to have received orders directly from the king himself. How many are lucky to have been at the end of King’s word. J
He began the audience with him being happy and proud to have received our letter of requesting to meet Him. There could be lots of work concerning national issues, far graver than granting audience to us, BUT HM GRANTED US NOT JUST AUDIENCE BUT A MOMENT OF OUR LIFE.
There was this story about Fourth King asking HM when he was a kid, about what He wants to do when he growing up. “I want to become your fisherman” was what HM replied. Things were getting lighter and warmer.
For almost more than two hours, we had wonderful conversations on small things in life. From His schooling days in Yangchenphug to college days in Oxford University and of course with how one at such young age should take pleasure in life to the fullest were few things He shared with us.
In those long, yet wonderful hours, one of the funny things I laugh still remembering is HM asking who is interested in doing music. My friend raised his hand out of the mass. When asked which instruments he knows, he knew none. He was simply interested in music. Even the HM had the laughter.
Before concluding our audience, HM advised us on national concerns which of course He made clear on us not be so concerned about other than our own studies and loyalties towards parents. We stood up to offer our Thridhar. His Majesty signed on the Kupar and gave us each personally. I can never be lucky enough to receive any of such gift from King, I felt more than lucky.
Today, I still have the Hundred Ngultrum note (from ten of those some of which I gave my parents and family members) received from the king.
To end this post, and of course to write this post, there can never be any day special and blessed than today. Long Live The King.
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