Sunday, February 20, 2011

And there's more to life
The twirl of fate has clipped the wings of heart and the pulses of dream stopped beating ahead. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it wasn’t like me hiding in the mouse hole as if I could run away from the thorns of ache. There was no escape. The stone has to meet the end of the mason’s chisel if it has to get furnished for better craftsmanship and outshining quality. But it wasn’t like me being crude and raw. I was perfectly a normal young man in love. And you know, how dangerous a love is, in fact more than the woman with whom one is in love with. But sometime, to get ourselves into possibly a destined place or identity, one has to of course one has to go through any ordeal of adversity or blessing euphoric moments. I had one, possibly.
The fact that I lost something so agonizing in life made me drown into the ocean of my own emotional anguish.  Believe me, nothing made sense to me of losing someone so loved. Of course I was too young then to apprehend that more we hold onto someone, we distance ourselves more from moving ahead to embrace the anticipating happiness of life stored ahead for ourselves. It was a dead end and I felt I was at the shorter end of the rope. Someone can unreasonably be so naive and emotional, I can visualize myself how.
Time strolled by, but ghost still remained at the back of my haunted mind. It remained stagnant with discolored memories and aching love. It never looked like I could feel some new changes in life- at least forget the ghost and move on. HELL WITH LOVE, I used to cheer up myself.
Some of friends were deeply worried with my situation. Many of them tried talking some sense in me of not giving full commitment to some random girl.
Random girl? Dude, She was ______!”
Like all ends are a new beginning, I was a part of the revolution within myself. As usual, I was having a lunch with a long stretched chin beaten with undisclosed (as if no one knows) unhappiness. Fiddling gently with spoon, I stood as if there was no life within me. Friends nearby me could have had the silent and boring company of a lifeless person.
“There are so many things in life exciting than woman. They are not the dead end,” placing his hand on my shoulder, he continued, “and of course there are so many women in the world far beautiful than your ex-girl.”
Most of my friends and of course some of them still do that I am more into philosophical cosmos than in practical reality. The ephemeral world of action and pain was always translated into some random words of philosophy. You know what I mean, pain as sweetest gift of life, for man can be taught more of life than by anything else.
He continued with a giggle “Come on Dude. There is more to life!” You know why he giggled even though he was serious about it.
And that particular line caught my philosophical world loomed in the embryo of my celestial nonsense. I began thinking too hard about it. There are more joys in life than just random girl. There are other exciting things in life than na├»ve love (embarrassed at my own silliness so far). There are many mornings with promising sunrise. I could start something exciting to set the object in life. I could hang out with friends and enjoy doing naughty things. I could cherish the happiness and joys because of being someone’s loving brother, someone’s good son, someone’s hardworking student, and someone’s once-good-boyfriend or (________). And there is more to life. And now you guys know how I started his blog.
Anyway, Life has to go on as if it never ends no matter what. And I have left that part of my life buried in the dead past. I ain’t interested in cradling it further along with my life. Many things have changed today. And of course, I had chance to meet some beautiful women as well.  Life can never be finished…………


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