Friday, November 26, 2010

Is god created by man or man created by god?

(*The following article is just a piece of author’s own thought. It has nothing to do with anyone’s believe or religion)
“Oh my God! There has been the mishap. And the accident claimed five. But there was one who survived clinging on the edge of cliff. Rescue members made right on time to save him. Lucky fellow, son of God”. (This is a story of a lucky passenger whose fellow passengers were killed in an instant in an accident)
“As I cross the road, the tree fell over me if it was not for the right entry of a truck beside me. It made right over the truck and I passed with almost disbelief”. (This is a lady sharing the miracle due to truck because of which she survived the mishap)
“I thought I am done when a bullet pierced right against the wind and thrust on me. And the last thing I could think was of my little daughter. But I still hear the sounds of bullets, and there was no pain. I open my eyes and in disbelief I see that bullet struck right on the name plate”. (This is a soldier who survives the bullet because of his locket).
“We all gave up. She was dying. There was no donor for the kidney. I was preparing my daughter’s death. There was nothing we could do. But then we receive a call one day from a doctor. And it was time for operation. Today she is all good and clean. (And this one…’s obvious, isn’t it?)
There are many realistic examples of such incidents in people’s lives. Our fate just doesn’t stops confronting us. At one point or the other, it always does. But then most of us end up having to share something great of the incident. It becomes nothing less than miracles. And it suddenly reads as the living proof of the God’s presence around us. Manifestations were for nothing after all. Through such things, otherwise known as miracles, humans gave birth to God: the god that we believed having created the world.
It was indeed a miracle. The creation of God is indeed the miracle. It just doesn’t make people not to believe in extraordinary things of life, but it gives every life a wonderful sacredness. The priceless value is attached to a life.
The human affairs have always been the uncontrollable thing through which the development in human society is affected. Every day to day affair between, even two humans, the repercussions have always been on the world around. Some good things they do, makes a better impact and of course the worst things if they intended to. But because there is something known as God, many are trimmed of their intentions. Even though, He is only been heard in stories of grandmas or in holy books, people fear as much as they have seen Him in reality to commit sins. They fear the harsh punishment of the God for the sins we commit. People contain themselves to the worst possibilities of life as the retributions for having done sins in earlier days of life or even in the earlier lives.
Imagine the creation without the creation of the creator. The world would be in a perfect chaos. The sins would have drowned the humanity. There have been times in human history where inhuman activities raged the entire world. It threatened the end of the world. Bloodsheds drenched the battle field. Less we cared about God, or even feared Him, these things would have been put to an end. But then the question still remains answered. Because of God fearing souls, we tend to actually hold this world in the realm of happiness and hope. People live worshipping Him. And all that God teaches is about love, care, happiness, humanity and sacredness of life. (I wonder who taught these things in the name of God, but they certainly are the greatest contributions in the history of humanity)
God indeed is a finest creation of man and of course we would never stop believing in miracles.

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