Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't you think that life is beautiful only when beautiful things happen?

Ever seen anyone say you that life is beautiful and it stays always so, but the next thing you see of him is brooding over the sad things in life afterward? Ever seen anyone who has been gifted in life and that he is so much happy with things happening around him but to only see it happening reverse, and finally crying over the short happiness? Ever seen any lover who is so much happy with his love life, but tries to commit his once beautiful life to death when his beautiful ditches him alone? You are appointed to a higher post in your company and the next thing you see after promotion is yourself getting fired for some scam over the office works by people working under you. You win a lottery, but the next day, your parents meet with accident. I can go on and on citing such things about life which could in our desperate moment can only be viewed as some fake things about life which are but true.
I had my share of happiness. I, through certain universal conspiracy, met with someone beautiful. She was someone who has everything that I dreamt of. You can bet how it is an immense package of happiness when she completes everything that has ever dreamt of a dream girl. Life was beautiful, and I felt life has such power which blesses us with so many beautiful things in life. But even before I could convince her that I can complete the other half of her life, and that we could be complementary to each other’s life, she just vanished with someone of her choice and someone of her dream. Informs me later on that she is with him.  And next thing I feel is that life isn’t beautiful at all. It makes us happy only to be sad.
Know a friend who grew up without a father. He wished himself to be a boy like every loving son of loving father. Not until he was ready, his mother told him everything about his dad. That was when he felt like a son, and that was when he felt like a loving son of a father. The life stretched so much into a happy world. He imagined so many things to do with his father. He thought he could visit his dad and all. But the next thing that happens is his dad getting killed in an accident. He shared all his class with a girl not knowing she was his half sister. He knew only when she cried for the same father who died in the accident. Why did life made him so happy only to let him know the pain for which he never had happiness before?
I grew up in Bumthang. As a kid, and of course as a growing teenager, I was naughty and out of hand for my parents to take care. I most of the time spent walking in night at home through the village that was commanded by the sounds of dogs. Right from after school to almost the shop is closed, I remained in the bar with people in the bar playing carom board. It was run by an elderly divorcee.  She was survived by two daughters. One of them was in my class. Her only source of income to run the family was the carom board because of which many people gathered in her shop. Some buy beers to pay the loss for the game. And some buy as they watch the game. She earned through it. Her shop within a year attracted so many customers and she became a rich enough to buy a house of her own. And the next thing I hear was that the town got burnt. The fire gulfed five shops. And her shop too was burnt to ashes. She was made rich only to taste the richness if at all there was any. Life isn’t so rich after all.
He was a little deaf. Made a huge fortune for him through many years of hardworking in a furniture workshop. He was my dad’s far relative. Married off a girl. She owned a house through her parents who lived making utensils. He soon fathered a girl. It was really a happy family. Life came in a huge bulk with full of promises and happiness until his wife on some grounds divorced him. She just didn’t leave him alonewithout his daughter but also with all his wealth he gathered all his life. Life married him to a big surprise. I guess, he misses his little daughter these days as well.
Well life is not something really Beautiful huh? But it’s a life that which has these things at its every step. You just aren’t living a life if these things are not a part of your life. Life is beautiful but if you are a princess who always stays in a castle and never had a glimpse and touch of things outside the castle, life isnt beautiful. My girlfriend and I broke up after knowing each other for seven years and after dating for almost two and half years. I just was sad, but the next thing that happens is that I am been blessed with a beautiful sweet sister. Never had a sister in the family of five siblings. Today, she is the beautiful life, she is the beautiful thing and she is the world in which not just me but our entire family are living a beautiful life. If life pains yo, it also heals the wound. And when healing is over, life can sometime pain you again. But then that’s where we understand and become stronger to face and confront life with understanding.
There is no end to life’s misery, and so does the beautiful thing. (Image courtesy)


  1. Beautifully written.
    How stupid of your girl friend to part with you... anyway I am happy you found enough joy in your sister to surpass any pain.

  2. I love this far your come and go..its happening with me all the time..and believe me,when it really happens,it will be beautiful..I look forward to your making me stronger..and u are from Bhutan..we are neighbors..

  3. Thank you Alpana for visiting and taking out your time to read my post......:)