Sunday, October 31, 2010

A footprint that remains engraved forever

Many people come and go. But the lasting impression of theirs always remains in us either as something that could be there as pain or something as inspirational as anything big in life. It keeps its dimension of anything growing bigger for which they be remembered in our heart and mind throughout our life. Some become big, while some big are brought down. In the former, the repercussion brings a positive –life building-energy, while in the latter, some enormous package of grudge thrives on to thrash the beauty of life. In both ways, the leads are maintained. There is no end to the lengthy widths of figures in our spacious mind. We engrave them. It’s caught and it remains. It makes you reminded and learnt.
Down the lines, when the man who has followed the path not knowing where it would actually lead, but has been following ever since time could tell,  can actually end up being aided, being inspired, being educated, being energised but by many people: too late even to feel thankful and too many to remember all of them. Time has just wiped out and all that we remember is ourselves in every battle of life we waged. There is no room for them, but well few are always remembered perhaps because they made our most prized moment of life or because they are the ones who made us to what we are today that we feel thankful.
One such figure of my life is my grandpa. Today he is not in this world of ours. He’s been long taken out of the onerous burden of life. It’s been almost five years since he left us behind. He was without any ends my most influential person. He not only taught me how to live my life but also protected me in any way he could. Right from the cradle, he cared me. Not to mention how I used to be his loved grandson. There could nothing be more precious for a person than the child he saved from succumbing to death because of cold and rough birth. I met with an accident while I was five year old. I still remember my grandpa fighting a case for me. My father had to go to the court because of me. The vehicle was wrecked badly, and thanks to the mercy of god, I didn’t hurt myself so much in the accident. Today I feel sorry for the people who had to adjust to such a huge loss due to the accident. I was not legally liable for the punishment for having caused an accident.
After the case was over, he took me to the village, away from the tension and away from home. I loved every moment of my life with him and the grandma. They tended me with their love and I grew up with them. There was nothing sweeter than that. Grandpa used to promise me sweets in exchange of my acceptance to study. Those moments can’t be bought back. But they still remain in our heart.
There are many people in everyone’s life who makes us aspire, and leaves us inspired. They mark wonderful things in our life. Miss you Grandpa!

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