Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is your friend the one you can trust?

There were times in the mythical period where trees could speak the language among themselves. There were times when trees actually had a kingdom under a big tree. There were times when they lived under the sovereignty of a king protected and taken-cared of. 
“Oh! Lord, protect us?” the trees were standing before a king.  A king, giant tree with so many tall trunks and big branches, with its palace adorned with many beautiful leaves and sweet fruits stood tall to hear the plea of his fellow subjects.

“What happened?” It roared gently. 
“Our enemy has come to our forest. He may chop any one of us at any time”, trees collectively cried to the mighty resort of their king.
“Is it our enemy or it has come up with one of us also?”
Trees saw that the woodcutter was carrying an axe without handle. And the king assured them that there’s no need to panic for. Woodcutter left without any tree. They were relieved.
But however, trees again gathered before the king and plead the same thing about their enemy in the forest and about them getting chopped off.
This time also, king made them do the same thing. They however saw the woodcutter carrying an axe with a handle which was made out of wood.
“He has come up with one of us as its handle”
“Then we should be careful. It knows our weakness”, the king helplessly lamented the presence of one of its own subjects who could harm them as it knew their strength and weakness.
There is not much a pain your enemy is capable of inflicting in you than your friend can. 

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  1. Keep your friend close and your enemies closer!!!

    Well written