Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who's problem is youth problem?

Who are the real goons who go on plundering the beauty of society? Who are those victimised at the mercy of unnecessary repercussions due to certain robbery, gang fights and rape? Are we living in the prison we built as a house to put our lives and vowed to thrive but sadly living the exaggerated pain, fear and adversity due to the human affair in our so called – our own society? What has happened to the source of pristine beauty of nature where men performed the perfect harmony of inner conscience and call of duty which ultimately made a place worthy of humanly happiness and pleasure? No one dares to ask, everyone has been enveloped either into the thick dirt of keeping things to be placed in system by someone or we are all drenched into the fear of after-effect reactions.
We say our country, being triggered towards the achievement of GNH. And on the other hand, we have gangsters born out of certain problems in the society. A man gets robed today and tomorrow to protect himself he forms another circle which by no reason has any other reason to grow up but out of the same circle he formed, the show goes on to create the invisible fear among the ones who are around. There is no GNH in manufacturing gangsters. There is no GNH in producing so many unemployed youth every year let alone be ones who resort to drugs and unhealthy activities. There is no GNH in making human affair so fearsome and so unsafe. There is no peace at all. All human wants to be peaceful. Everyone wants to be happy. Nobody wants to become a gangster.
It was sad, and a touching story about  Kencho who was earlier known as the leader of so-called gang MB Boys.  Life has been unfair with him. I am not writing on behalf of him here, by the way. I believe there are many like Kencho in our society who begin with small fights out of frustration, out of desperation, out of family problems and so many more reasons, and finally end up being one of the gang members. (Well i presume i may be incorrect here to sight down such issues as their reasons behind indulging in such human affairs). Humans are generally instinctive in protecting themselves. Its like a natural system in us to act to defend oneself. If he began to protect himself from the group who went on to rob by-passers in Thimphu, then it must be so with other youths as well. Today there are more youths and youth related problems around the world. And finally, its always sad and un-wishful to see our youths becoming a prey to unhealthy human affairs. There is nothing good in living a life which has become a threat to others life.
A man is made in his home. He starts as a breastfed infant, then a loving child, and a learning teenager. Everything starts from his doorsteps. If the man has taken right things to become a man at his house, the moment he steps out of his house, he travels around to make others happy and benefited. A father who is a habitual drinker can make his kids think in different ways. If one son believes it to be a time to pass out the boredom and pass out on the duty of man, other can think it as a bad example of a family man who is no good at all in bashing up the wife and kids after getting drunk. Impact of house education is eternal in man. Man best educated in home can teach the ones outside the home of values and inspirations.
Government has always been on the mission to reduce the unemployment in the country. There are more job seekers than providers. The length of explorations have been widening in other world. Bhutan still fears at making it a part of ours. Of course, there has been a constant effort from government to make youth a wholesome learner. But it has all gone to a vain. We see more of a wound getting bigger and the medics unable to cure it. Today our country like many others has fallen into the hands of some loopholes. And the pit has been growing ever since. There can be nothing more reasonable than to see our youths falling into the traps of vacant frivolities. It has become a personal war with some individuals. They are inflicted with unfair judgments and above all a lack of enough care and love. They lack inspirations in life.
All that today we could do is to realise the existence of such nuisance, but there are less solutions which we can think of. Lets us all strive towards making our society people friendly and above all a youth productive country. It shall not only be the duty of one individual to fight such injustice or such shame, but let’s be there to help them reform into good persons. Let’s help ourselves to build better homes from where we can expect a good person. Let us not be responsible tomorrow in building up another Kencho.
I also make a point to thank Kencho for being co-operative with law and eventually disband the MB gang. May god bless you with a better future?
When society prospers, a man benefits the most.  And society prospers when man benefits the most. 

GNH- Gross National Happiness

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