Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life changing story of living for other's happiness

It’s said that sharing happiness with others gives you extra happiness. I got this story from an unknown source. It was written that this story is free to pass to all the people I wish happiness and joy in life. Before I really begin sharing it, I would like to thank the person who actually shared this.

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service and where they had been on vacation.

Every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window. The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and colour of the world outside.

The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every colour and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is me

 I am Sonam, but however to my friends in blogging and social networking sites, i am best known as Sogyel. Currently, i am studying Architecture in School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Hopefully by 2012 May, i would complete my Architecture Degree. 

It’s very difficult to many people to actually define one selves. We have studied so many things on others, and know so many things about others that we can go on describing many people around. There won’t be a single occasion where you would have found yourselves in a position not being able to gossip or pass comments on others. But when asked about yourself, you are in the confusion not exactly being able to tell what you are and how you are. It’s a very difficult question to ask “Who am I?” and many do not seems to have the answer. I have found myself couple of times in similar situation. Am I someone who I am not being able to live outside but just inside or I am someone as perfectly as I live outside with all fellow human beings? It was a difficult call. Are there so many things which I don’t know about myself?  Or I know only few things which I like to do and despise to not to get? What kind of people I like to hang out with? What makes my day a happy day? Who all are the ones who I look up in life for inspiration?
Therefore I decide to pen down few things that would make easier for me and others to actually understand me.
Three things that I prize most in life?
My works be it literature or architecture
Parents and siblings. They are above anyone, of course I have friends as well.
Gadgets, especially mobile.

One person I can’t forget in my life

My grandpa, so sad that life took him away even before I could really thank him for everything he did to keep me alive.

One person who inspires me so much in screen?
Brad Pitt (be it Pitt in some bad boy bank robbing movie, or someone aging young, I always fancy to be like him and to be able to talk like him; with style and brain).

One person who inspires me so much
Cristiano Ronaldo. The line that he followed to reach to the level he is now is simply incredible and inspiring. As a football fan, it makes me easy to relate myself to the reason why I like Cristiano.

Inspirational historic figures
Alexander the Great
Hitler (forgetting however the tyranny and bloodshed Hitler caused in the world, he had been the man with powerful speech and vision)

Two cities that I like to be in?
Milan, no specific reason, but just the name makes me go gaga. It sounds so great to me; M-I-L-A-N.
Lhasa, the peak of the world. Would feel like I am standing over the world and the creation flourishes right underneath me.

Two friends who I think completely understands me?

Kheta. Has been friends since high school days and was together in every little mischievous and boring thing we did.
Nima Dorji. Whenever I am sad, or even excited about anything, Nima is there to share it. Has been advisor, mentor and the philosopher in my life.

Moods through which I am known

Philosophy of life
I am what I am able to.

Onething that I can’t forget from the past
That I landed up in the accident and almost lost my life. It haunts me sometimes. Gets afraid when I think of the fear I caused in my parents that time. Makes me guilty of the person who owns that vehicle.

Best thing that happened in life so far
Birth of my little sister. She is the cream of the family. Well, on personnel level, the best thing that happened in life could be Architecture. I joined without knowing much about it and now I am here doing it. Made me realise so much of what I could do in life.

Things i do in weekends
Watch movies
Read and write
Play football
Chat with friends

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best ever movie that can change your life; Shawshank Redemption, getting to live a dead Hope

It was just a few hours after I bought my computer I got an English movie Shawshank Redemption from my friends in the hostel. It was one of my friends in the class who recommended me the movie. Since i didn’t have much information on the good movies, i took it seriously on his words of movie being simply awesome with a nice story and the shocking plot.
The movie was based on the Stephen King’s Novel Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption. It stars Tim Robbins(Andy Dufresne) and Morgan Freeman (Red). Andy Dufresne, a banker gets convicted to the murder of his wife and her paramour. Its in the prison Andy meets Red, the guy who is good at getting things done for fellow prisoners be it a cigarette packet or a toothpaste. Andy and Red becomes friend when former asks for a  six inch pickaxe. Throughout the movie, the relationship between the two gets better and Andy on the other hand gains so much a respect and trust in the prison not only from his fellow prisoners but also from the guards and especially from the swindling warden who insists Andy to be his personal banker who can handle the swindling money for him. Andy’s experience as a banker before he was convicted makes his work easy and reliable. His hope for the survival and freedom remains always a threshold of the movie. The institutionalization in the spaces as dark as prison, a man after being a prisoner for almost half of his life, Brooks, an old librarian finds himself in the freedom as much difficult life outside than in prison. The ultimate truth, can never be put under the linen. Humans gets adapted so slow to anything new and when they get finally, its the most hazardous thing to relate ourselves to the other options which hasn’t been ours for decade or two. What good is a life outside where you are barely an unknown creature when you have a perfect recognition and the known people around in the prison. Brooks commits suicide.
Andy continues to keep alive the hope of freedom. He says to his friends that there are places not made out of stones, the places where others can’t get on you, and its the hope. He insists that hope is a good thing. And all good things never die. With movie almost frozen to the slow unfolding of the events, there is suddenly the pace. Andy disappears from the prison. How? Hope? What else? Red describes that Andy crawled the shit smelling yard of 500 miles and came out clean on the other side to live his life in the shore of Mexico which he describes as the place with no memory. The patience and the six inch rock hammer ironically which Red calls as Geology made Dufresne to tunnel through the wall which took him more than two decades. Time can never be able to kill the hope of willing man . The effects, the kissing of freedom, and the emotions with which viewers are drawn to the plot simply makes anyone realise that movie actually leaves us with a strong sense of hope and faith in one’s own intuition and decision. Later on it turns out Dufresne to be not guilty.
Andy gets a chance to live a dead hope while Red follows Andy to Mexico forgetting what he had about a hope being dangerous thing which could drive man to be insane.
The movie is still one of my favourites and i watch whenever i feel down. It simply makes me feel light and energetic. Its all about hope.
 With hope, you can never be able to imagine what you are capable of doing until someday you sit out with something bigger than anyone could relate with you but in your hand and you declare to the world that hope makes things appear real.
Hope never dies because it’s a good thing. And it’s a good thing to be hopeful. 

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful people !!!!!!!!!!!

Life is beautiful when beautiful people happen in our life.
Nature has always been more. It’s been a blessing. It’s been the ultimate truth where men are taught through various institutes which are boundless. It’s been the secret to the basic form of human life. Most beautiful gift today anyone owes to nature could well undoubtedly is parents and the loved ones as well. And of course the emotions that are gathered through them which comprises our life. No man is bereaved of such a universal gift. It’s the right that nature has given to us. And I bet no man is unhappy with it. Nature has not been at anytime a burden to man, at least that's what I believe. And I would even go to an extent that nature has always been kind, only human do not understand it. Of course we have our own interpretation. For me, the very fact that I have people around with whom I share the long lost stories which echoed through ages and through generations that today we have common blood and relative ancestral histories makes me feel that I am not alone, at least I got someone to share my love, my happiness and my sorrows. But it becomes more interesting with every friend I make and I meet. There is the endless journey with different people sometimes and same with same people. Nature is truly boundless.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best story teaching wonderful lesson about life-A king and the Beggar

I had this chance of hearing a story from my friend Alok. I met him in Royal Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi during our trip to Nainatal (a tinsel town in Uttaranchal). It was a trip organised by Bhutan Student Association New Delhi for fresher students.

The story begins with a king and his courtiers travelling through a desert and the king who owns the entire kingdom feels thirsty but his entire courtiers couldn’t get one to fetch king water. They were soon filled with full thirst and desperately searched for water in entire desert. They were helpless, they couldn’t find anyone and they couldn’t fetch king a water. They ran out of the water. There’s nothing that could be done to address the situation.

At last they came across a beggar. He was poor but he was having a leather bag filled with water. He bowed before the king.

“I am a king. Give me water?” ordered the king.

But the beggar who knew well about the essence of water in a desert refused and replied “I am well aware, Your Majesty, but pardon me with your great patience, I shall need the water for myself”.
The king was furious. He warned the beggar. It was almost like a pronunciation of a retribution for speaking against the king. Nothing less than a blasphemy. How would dare to refuse the king whose subject you are.

“A pauper of no penny and you speak in a language of a king. You shall be brought before the law, I order you to spare some for me”.

“I agree completely to your honour, but I

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Imperfect lover......!

People always go on in search of a person they want to be with in people they meet. The length of desire goes on and on. Meets one, and parts with other two. It never ceases. Of course it’s a life, something everyone cherishes as so precious. You can’t imagine your life with someone who doesn’t even bother to care a least about you.  It’s an equation that has to be balanced in order that one ends up with perfectly other half of oneself. Happiness, caring, loving, sharing and all other virtues gather itself finally to a perfect living. Like in harmony of eachother’s presence, the tree in the forest actually makes up the whole thing called Forest.  But the complementary of oneself is something that is rarely a perfect chance that which comes with sheer unexpectedness. It doesn’t happen as if we solve out some mathematical equation. It’s a god damn life that doesn’t come with predefined instructions to achieve certain perfect things.
Everything begins with a mere coincidence of chancing upon eachother. We cross roads by chance and sometimes end up falling in love. Some do through so many romantic ways. They make their love life as perfect as their so called perfect life. But many fail. I am one among people whose relationship doesn’t lasts to greet another Christmas. It lives so short. Reason- I don’t know. Perhaps I was not with a right person. Perhaps I was not the right person for her. Perhaps I am not as good as any other man is. This is no act of desperation here. It’s just a random thought on certain experience of my life that can be related to anyone’s life. I know this girl; knew her since high school days. With every bit of life moving ahead, through the years, we decided oneday to try out something what we call as relationship. The same old story of my life. It didn’t last. It collapsed at the knock of mere misunderstanding. Texted me that there is no love in trying out to stick with eachother without the trust. And it was just few months after we finally decided to make our shaky relationship strong. Did we make it even weaker than it was? Shocked and saddened, I replied her that there is no trust without care. Tried couple of times calling her. No. No, she wouldn’t pick up my call. What in the hell did I do to make her ignore me? Nothing. I couldn’t remember anything that made me realise that I was at wrong. Of course I once said her that with so many things changing between us, I could no longer assure myself that I trust her. She started talking so many things which opposed everything she used to be. It occurred to me that time is conspiring something new of which I had a confused idea. There can no longer be a strong line of trust between us.
Time went by. I was moving ahead without her, was content with life. There was no room for missing her. I was not living at all in the dead past.