Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best ever movie that can change your life; Shawshank Redemption, getting to live a dead Hope

It was just a few hours after I bought my computer I got an English movie Shawshank Redemption from my friends in the hostel. It was one of my friends in the class who recommended me the movie. Since i didn’t have much information on the good movies, i took it seriously on his words of movie being simply awesome with a nice story and the shocking plot.
The movie was based on the Stephen King’s Novel Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption. It stars Tim Robbins(Andy Dufresne) and Morgan Freeman (Red). Andy Dufresne, a banker gets convicted to the murder of his wife and her paramour. Its in the prison Andy meets Red, the guy who is good at getting things done for fellow prisoners be it a cigarette packet or a toothpaste. Andy and Red becomes friend when former asks for a  six inch pickaxe. Throughout the movie, the relationship between the two gets better and Andy on the other hand gains so much a respect and trust in the prison not only from his fellow prisoners but also from the guards and especially from the swindling warden who insists Andy to be his personal banker who can handle the swindling money for him. Andy’s experience as a banker before he was convicted makes his work easy and reliable. His hope for the survival and freedom remains always a threshold of the movie. The institutionalization in the spaces as dark as prison, a man after being a prisoner for almost half of his life, Brooks, an old librarian finds himself in the freedom as much difficult life outside than in prison. The ultimate truth, can never be put under the linen. Humans gets adapted so slow to anything new and when they get finally, its the most hazardous thing to relate ourselves to the other options which hasn’t been ours for decade or two. What good is a life outside where you are barely an unknown creature when you have a perfect recognition and the known people around in the prison. Brooks commits suicide.
Andy continues to keep alive the hope of freedom. He says to his friends that there are places not made out of stones, the places where others can’t get on you, and its the hope. He insists that hope is a good thing. And all good things never die. With movie almost frozen to the slow unfolding of the events, there is suddenly the pace. Andy disappears from the prison. How? Hope? What else? Red describes that Andy crawled the shit smelling yard of 500 miles and came out clean on the other side to live his life in the shore of Mexico which he describes as the place with no memory. The patience and the six inch rock hammer ironically which Red calls as Geology made Dufresne to tunnel through the wall which took him more than two decades. Time can never be able to kill the hope of willing man . The effects, the kissing of freedom, and the emotions with which viewers are drawn to the plot simply makes anyone realise that movie actually leaves us with a strong sense of hope and faith in one’s own intuition and decision. Later on it turns out Dufresne to be not guilty.
Andy gets a chance to live a dead hope while Red follows Andy to Mexico forgetting what he had about a hope being dangerous thing which could drive man to be insane.
The movie is still one of my favourites and i watch whenever i feel down. It simply makes me feel light and energetic. Its all about hope.
 With hope, you can never be able to imagine what you are capable of doing until someday you sit out with something bigger than anyone could relate with you but in your hand and you declare to the world that hope makes things appear real.
Hope never dies because it’s a good thing. And it’s a good thing to be hopeful. 

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  1. Nice review, I think I should watch it too. I like prison movies. By the way why don't you Label this article as "Movie review" along side "Hope", because u are good at reviewing and I know you will do quite a lot in times to come!

  2. thank you sir......yeah i would strongly feel that you should watch it. its something that you will always remember....can make u feel the life........