Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful people !!!!!!!!!!!

Life is beautiful when beautiful people happen in our life.
Nature has always been more. It’s been a blessing. It’s been the ultimate truth where men are taught through various institutes which are boundless. It’s been the secret to the basic form of human life. Most beautiful gift today anyone owes to nature could well undoubtedly is parents and the loved ones as well. And of course the emotions that are gathered through them which comprises our life. No man is bereaved of such a universal gift. It’s the right that nature has given to us. And I bet no man is unhappy with it. Nature has not been at anytime a burden to man, at least that's what I believe. And I would even go to an extent that nature has always been kind, only human do not understand it. Of course we have our own interpretation. For me, the very fact that I have people around with whom I share the long lost stories which echoed through ages and through generations that today we have common blood and relative ancestral histories makes me feel that I am not alone, at least I got someone to share my love, my happiness and my sorrows. But it becomes more interesting with every friend I make and I meet. There is the endless journey with different people sometimes and same with same people. Nature is truly boundless.  

Today there are many who make my life beautiful, and I consider them beautiful people. They are everywhere. They are the ones with whom I do few things that makes me feel like I am actually living a life, and same is the true for them of me. The symbiotic relationships and even the parasitic, there is always the give and cherish relationship. Lucky are the ones who meet someone who inspires you, who makes you aspire more in life with many right choices and positive impact, while someone could even leave you hurt. It happens. Life is this way, and one must get used to it. Even in the wildest enemy you encounter, there is something to learn, and there is something to share.
I take this opportunity to share my heartfelt gratitude and love to all the people around me for loving me, for caring me, for teaching me, for showing me the right options, for making me feel happy and of course to those ones who did make me sad (I apologize, and I don’t remember but few). Life wouldn’t have made to this level without you all.
Thank you nature for making me realize that life of mine is others as much as mine. Thank you for making me feel blessed with all beautiful people around.
And beautiful people always have been happening in our life.


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