Monday, August 9, 2010

I owe lot to Yebilaptsa , thank you dear school.

The guy in the right place with right people always wins the right battles. And same is true vice versa. I was brought up in Bumthang. The tinsel town not large enough than a small village in some developed country, the place known for its serene beauty and untouched pristine of nature, the subtle place blessed with sacred holies, I was no doubt in the best place. But for a kid who was growing up, and the fact that parents could not give much time towards the better upbringing of a kid, the clutch of western influence through television gradually began to make me not so good boy. I used to bring up a good result while I was in lower classes. That too like waning moon, it began to disappear. I could sometime land up being involved in fight, and it was routine that I get home so late. There was a shop in the market, and despite that school warns against students caught up playing snooker, and caramboard, I always walked late through the silent nights spending my whole day there with other fellow street goers. The repercussion was so obvious when I nearly failed in science subject in class eight board exams. My parents, on the contrary, were always confident that I would make it pass whatsoever, howsoever. I don’t blame them. They were at the pressure of adversity, and it was tough for them to raise five of us with proper care through his meager salary. 
Photo Courtesy :Yebilaptsa Mss/facebook
Much as fate has it, I was asked to get a seat at Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School. My dad left his old job and took a new one with a new company. So he was based in Tingtibi, so that’s how I landed up seeking admission in Yebilaptsa. The place was so different. Though I passed many times through it as and when I visit my village, it was a new experience. The place, the school, the students, the teachers, the hostel, the food, and the weather, everything was a new. And I was of course new as they were to me. I took sometime though to get feel at home. My parents were away to Wangdue, so I got into a hostel. The life was another thing, by then. It was changing to something. I never had an idea that I was making something happen in life, something that would make me feel proud of what I have I done, something on which I can proudly pay my gratitude to the teachers who made me into this person who I was not before I met them. Thank you, dear school.

Life changes so fast. It was faster than anything that ever happened in my life. I began to study well, and come out with good results. Soon, there was a confidence amongst teachers that I can do. I was feeling the presence of whole lucky mascots of my life around me trying to build my empire of happy, successful and grateful life. I learnt so many things at Yebilaptsa. It’s a point where I had a complete U-turn in my life. The literature, mathematics, science, history, and in all subjects, I was full of enthusiasm. And it happened because I was with a right group of people at the right place on right time. I wish I could say thousand words which though couldn’t really be suffice to explain you all’s good proportion of contribution in my life. It was a splendid experience. Life was becoming really big. I have captured so many immeasurable memories. And it owes a great deal of gratitude to all of you. Thank you teachers, thank you friends, and thank you school. I will always cherish these things in my life, it’s a special feeling.


  1. to the teachers and friends of my old school..

  2. Sangay Phanda PeldhenAugust 9, 2010 at 9:55 PM

    A good piece ..

  3. thank u acho piece owes the great deal of life to all of you...u guys were a part of the wonderful memory i had...

  4. good job...its wise method to reward our good teachers n schools. i like ur step!..keep going!!! Good Lugk.

  5. @Dophu....thanx . yeah you are right,,,,,man should always be grateful....there can neva be anything higher as an repayment to anyone who has a much impact in our life than being grateful....thanx for your comments...and thank u for visiting my blog