Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let’s talk in a language everyone understands

People have a problem when someone in the circle acts out of the circle. The group remains no more a group, in fact the idea that people have differing ideas on various things concerning life gets infused and conglomerated but to create a nuisance. The flood has started to break into the mass, and mass no more sticks together. One talk about idealistic brain from his side, while other hears some crappy boasts from a guy who never do anything but keeps on talking. Sometimes its always better that we stick to the point with short and interesting talks. From the nook, a silent guy breaks out; he’s had enough of what should be listened about? Orderly sways the chaos, and it’s all but one common thing that in the group doesn’t care about but a common interest. A common interest that could be talked in a language that everyone understands.
There is a common degree of acceptance when alike people gather to discuss on issues concerning everyone of them. The flock could well be in a singly direction. The feathers could well be flocking in same air. The way it functions to create a beauty in the circle blossoms everyone’s thought, and there we see the kind of gathering which is by no less complementary to eachother. The web gets comfortable and we are all in but a good and healthy talk. And we are no more in a fish business, and men are in a warm complementary to eachother. The business flows; leasts are left no more unheard, beasts kept suppressed within oneself, and noises do not remain as noises anymore. Friends enjoy, parties go on, and there aint but any problems at the end. It would be like all meeting of stars and night needs no lights.
But well, most of the time it doesn’t happen. Things get worse. We miss the point. The unabridged language goes on to create the seemingly artificial envelope of sarcasm, hatred, and misunderstandings. World is in deep shit sometimes, only because people do not talk. But for here, its better still to say that world is in deepshit only because we do not speak other than our own interest which by some confusing energies doesn’t match with others. Suppose we speak something that interests everyone, then there is no way that one do find another disgusting and noisy. There will always be a happier human web when people talk about common interest. Everyone will feel at home and within us. I could go on describing the chaos and nuisance of not talking in a language that everyone understands, but it’s still sometimes better that we keep ourselves to a limit and wait others to catch up and be with us. Not always intellectuals are appreciated nor do the intellectual people always speak about intellectual things. We need to be a part of a bigger circle, for that one needs to understand the common wishes, common problems and common languages. Let’s be a part of a flock than to force others to be a part of you. Lets wish that we hear others and speak.
You may be one of those “Great minds think greater things” but when in a small group, please be someone who can well be complementary to that group.


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