Monday, April 19, 2010

Zhemgang high school: in our heart

Nestling amongst the thick brim of hills, down the lane through an unkempt town, and a partially scattered landscape, the road that would have been treated not so well leads to Zhemgang higher secondary schools. The smell of gutter along the sloppy road in summer, and sharp turns with marshy edge, the gate that marked with a stone structure standing so shyly small welcomes everyone to Zhemgang School premises. The wintry chill and withering willows are nothing compared to summer sunshine which breezes more rains to drench the marshy pathways. Up in front the main building, so religiously the dungkhor harmonizes the place. The basketball court, right below the dungkhor capitalizes on whole issues of school. Be it an assembly or a gathering for a visit of VVIPs, teachers and students are always called on there. And with the morning sun beaming over the white peaks of black-mountain, school begins its day with an awesome and warm feeling of spectacular nature.
Needlessly to prove given its special place in so many brilliant scholars strewed across the country, the school truly has been the blessing of life with undying wisdoms from the kindling teachers. Today I can proudly say that I studied in Zhemgang high school and I feel blessed to have been part of its blossoming learners. I feel blessed to have been a part of so many good friends. I feel blessed that I was a part of those students who were taught by selfless teachers and above all, I feel extremely blessed that I was a part of that big family who took wheels by its spokes and cared everything for good of all.
Everything today has become all but a piece of writings from my side. It’s too less given a fact that school shaped to what I am today from what I was by then. Will always remain in my heart, thank you Zhemgang, have been truly blissful. What could I expect more in life than this? And I am quite ascertain that there are thousands of us here making our life which could have probably started from where we ended; Zhemgang, wishing and always keeping you live inside our grateful blood.
The routines are missing. The study hours, prayer times, occasions which built to an empire of memories, mess hours, social working periods, cultural gatherings, and morning assembles are far beyond our catch now. These have added much needed values, and today we feel the part of it missing in us, I can only hope that may these things continue in a very good fashion as it have been, so that there be many good persons graduating from the school.
The life was different not only within the case of walls. Beyond those walls, institution offered many things. I can feel the pressure of going down the lower block, with a book in a hand, and suddenly disappearing into a forest that eventually meet with a road connecting primary school and a village below our school. It was always a fun walking through it. The chirpings of bird whistled through the forest, and nature allowing us to blend with its beauty, the tiring walks in the pretext of study was one source of inspiration and peace. Well that was but beyond the knowledge of teachers. I guess, repercussions were on both ways. There is lot and it can continue. Zhemgang has always been more.
Let the melody of happiness, wonder learning, value sharing, and brotherly wisdom be a song everyone wishes to sing for those who had a chance to study in Zhemgang higher secondary school.

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