Monday, April 12, 2010

When all Gods and Odds are not in your favor………

Many a times, to a many individuals, and much to the surprise of life, many things are all against us. We may seem as clueless as the floods of events confronting life in all possible ways to cause damage and make us weak and hurt. Some land up cursing god for the misfortune and while some forsaken ones cry at the mercy of life. There are lots of events in life. Needless to mention it, because I can bet that there is not a single shithead whose life has been so perfectly perfect.

I can bet that more than you could remember, you were frightened by the God, and all you felt and got in return as a token of pity was all Odds. Well I assure, it’s not a different thing in life that should be given a much bigger deal though it could have occurred and incurred more than you could ever imagine. In short, isn’t that life? A life that we always kept on saying beautiful but ends up getting shittier with another shitty thing in your shitty life. It’s hard, I am quite sure, everyone could agree. Even the king who reigns from golden throne could sometimes be threatened of the possible dagger hanging over his head.
 A beggar could well be deprived of his penny and food at times (well that’s really impossible though, given the society like ours where alms and beggars go hand in hand). There is no bliss, in fact a perfect one.

Immortality and eternity are far beyond anyone’s reach. There is no good of something that which is not complementary to live life. Acting oddly and getting hip-praised is no good as well. Brooding over the hailstorms of life is not at all the solution to change the course of torturing life. And yeah when the life isn’t anything like described in some fairy tales, and as presented in some famous books on as to how we should be living a productive life, men are driven crazy with so many mis-happenings in life. Of course that’s worst, but still what more can an individual do to defy the earthly power of fate and pain? You can never master your karma; there is no ultimate solution to it than to admit at the mercy of living a life as it comes to you. Nothing could get worse than being afraid of living a life that comes with every odd and every problem. Fight back, doesn’t matter whether you are living a small life or been bereaved with huge amnesties’ in life, you can still make your way to the idea of perfect living.

Idea of perfect living is hugely subjective. Well, I omit the option-less living when I say it subjective. There should be an option to any individuals as to how one should be making out with life. Life is a big thing to discuss. You can be so much perfect and may support with enough philosophies, no thinkers and no intellectuals can be able to explain it perfectly. Because for the simple reason that no man thinks alike, ideas are differing, and when ideas differ, actions too differ. There is no constant and defined thing about it. Life is a baseless journey aimed at search of peace for a wandering saint, while achievement of a new invention could well be the life for a scientist. Life has many forms, and each form suffer with crises, sometimes to an extent that we feel death has come upon us, plague has fallen on us.

Nothing lives longer, yet life has to go on…..i saw it engraved on a stone by a roadside which led towards a primary school when I was in high school. How sarcastic it was. Stone, living, nothing, and continuing. Anyway as sarcastic as it seems, there was but a deep meaning within. It gives anyone a fighting energy to combat struggles, it shows anyone that life has to go on in whatever way it is, and best is that we live to the fullest before it stops to continue. And it gives an inspiration to live life through odds, and with Gods.

When odds and gods are against you, best way to combat through it is to not to lose the hope. Hope is very tricky thing-it makes things appear real for man. Hope for best, and you intend to make it real.


  1. and there's no more to life than this.... some people don't have the time to believe all the shit happens but it happens...what they do, pull up their socks and keep their chin up and their nose clean, though they don't have ,,, u remember the poem invictus ,how it ends.... i am the captain of my soul and master of my fate...the message that was conveyed was every bodies invictus...they dont realise that what we believe makes us what we are...u believe you are trying hard to live your life and there you are struggling, you believe that you are powerless and there you are weak, you believe you are trying and there you are, you believe that you learn something in this college and there you are learning,you believe the world best left alone and there you are doing nothing but living your life....but whats important is before believing one must confirm what they are believing so that you don't believe something not relevant to your emotions.... like this piece and theres more to life if you believe confirm and believe and it will be relevant..for example why are blacks abundant in africa, orientals in asia,and white in europe ....because they were all master of their fate and captain of their soul...i hope this helps you later....

  2. Life is what we make out of it. Nothing is perfect for the world itself is not perfect but we can add colour to our life to keep on its going.All the happenings that happen in the life is life and one got to accept it keeping in mind that the taste of life can be either bitter or sweet.
    Bro, its good in your part to recount on the shit thats happening in life cose it gives the clues how to sing a song in the music of life.

  3. @nima....yeah bro...shit happens just as good thing worries....universal conpiracies are always in both ways..happens for da best....take it always a galss half filled.......

  4. wow interesting post. this just came in when I'm morally down

  5. thanx tashi.....really happy that u found interesting....cheers.. for a happy life...

  6. fantastic post! I totally agree with you about "Karma"and yes although "hope" isn't a concrete emotion yeilding concrete results, it nonetheless heals a human heart and urges one to plog along.
    Yoshay (