Monday, February 9, 2015

Best New Year Gift; Life changing experience with Baby

New Year brings new hope and wishes in tons. New year presents us with opportunities to celebrate, call for an occasion.   New Year brings messages wishing new life, Happiness, strength, wellbeing, successes, etc. And much to the delight of these sweet messages, we (me and my wife) has really been blessed with much joy. We were blessed with the little angel, a baby girl on 14th January. Her birth was like all the happiness and wishes summed up and wrapped up with a single gift. It was more than what we could ask for. I was told that Santa Claus is the most expensive and yet most selling F-A-C-E in the world, but I believed my daughter’s face as one.
There’s that mixed feeling waiting outside the birthing center; her deep moans making my knees weak, and yet in the midst of life’s suffering, piercing through the fragile heart, the shy grin braves up with the thought of holding a new baby.  My heart sank with sheer joy and stupidity as I heard my baby crying. T-R-U-S-T ME! One cannot really articulate and justify the emotion.
She was the cutest and most beautiful I saw. She was more than just a proof of our love. She was the little LIFE we had to embrace and grow with. And not the least, she’s also a GREAT teacher. Yeah, you read it right! T-E-A-C-H-E-R.  Somebody wrote that becoming father is easy, but being one is difficult. I would prostrate at that GURU’s feet agreeing so much his realization.
She teaches me to become a better son to my parents. Becoming father is easy, but being Father is very difficult. Waking up in the middle of night randomly and feeding the baby is very tiring and difficult for mother and then helping the mother to put the baby to sleep after that is another level of sheer diligence when your eye brows are dropping down tired. My wife said to me that sons would never understand how much pain mothers have to undergo simply to let the baby grow within during gestation period. I believed her then, but now I rather feel that so far I have never understood how much pain they have to bear and how much life they have to sacrifice to raise the child? It’s true, like we say in Dzongkha, Rang Zuu Phama Majur bar toh, phamai drinlen ngo me shay. My baby girl teaches me how much my parents mean to me and my siblings.
She teaches me Perseverance.  As if waking up randomly and helping her mother in changing diaper during the prolong nights, waking up early and washing dirty bagtang  before leaving for office is really something not so usual for me who used to wake up 15 minutes before office time.
She teaches me how to be Vigilant.  The beautiful life nestled in the tiny body calls for nothing but extra ounces of vigilance, activeness, randomness, etc.
She teaches me to Love and Care. Her birth gave me so many opportunities to tend to my wife who survived such a perilous labour and pain. And the baby's presence in my embrace makes me love her and care her.
She teaches me fatherhood. With all said and done, my little daughter shows me that today the child has become a father of man.


  1. Congratulations to you and your dear wife for your beautiful baby Sogyel!!! Hope you can learn more from her, treasure her and fill her with lots of love always! Take care and have a wonderful parenthood! :)

  2. A beautiful post, bro. Congratulations! May she grow into a wonderful person with all the love and care you shower her with. :)

  3. Namay Samay Trashi Delek Sogyel. Nice to read that you are in fatherhood~ Happy life ahead and beyond~

  4. A bunch of hearty congratulations brother....May she bloom into a full exquisite and kind woman and may she be the pride of your family.....Have a blissful life with your family.....

  5. Congratulations bro!....and do keep in touch with your blog..its nice to see you back....happy new year...:)