Saturday, September 20, 2014

Song of myself

Well before you go into wondering about the poem by Walt Whitman, let me make it clear about my article. It isn’t about the grass which represents the universal homogeneity of mankind; rich and poor returning to the same end, and blah blah… (Forgive me for not really remembering the poem which I once studied so well to sit for my exam). My article is rather about me of realizing how loosely my determination is built on.
Determination is key to success, we all know about it. However, seems like in the midst of all the hectic life, I have forgotten to remind myself of such motivating thing. I have taught myself that it is better to let the things which take toll and move on in life. I have lost that drive to climb again and again.
Here is the list of things which I left unfinished;
1.    I started writing a book by the same name of my blog. Today when I revisited it, I have written about 128 pages when I was in second year, which was in 2009. And after that I did not write anything on it.
2.    I blogged at least five to six articles every month then, but now I am writing one after so many months.
3.    I started the magazine and even published one by collecting articles from the fellow bloggers, but that too after realizing that it’s too difficult for two people to work a hell lot on one magazine, I unceremoniously left the dream unattended.
4.    I buy and borrow books these days, but never even finish reading one; the books I left unfinished are; The Jesuit and the Dragon, immortal lines, walk my freedom, etc…
5.    Started playing football for a team for about two years, now I find myself looking for a new team as for the last team, I started skipping matches after match for some reason or the other.

Perhaps my physical weight is taking toll on my will power or like one of my friends says, it’s a free will; doing things the way it comes to you or letting it unfold the way it does. 


  1. I would love to read your completed book one day sooner, written in a little time you get out of tightly compartmentalized schedule of your life. Nice treat from you bro. Thanks.

    1. I am also hoping that some day i would complete will be the biggest achievement...thanks for read, bro.

  2. We have been missing your presence. I thought whether you gonna quit blogging. But it seems you're busy. Take your own time to have them all completed and come back with strings of posts. Thanks bro. Takecare

  3. Brother, I insist you to complete your book. I am sure, as your blog and its posts fetch more readers, it will also succeed in becoming bestseller. :-)

    1. Thank you Sonam...lets see if i can ever do that...:)