Sunday, October 20, 2013

My football team; Bhutanese Architects team

Football has now become a one of the most written topics here in my blog. And admittedly, football has become just more than a part of a life. Even though, I console my friends that football is just a part a part which comes under some part of a life and that there’s nothing to get serious about it. But deep down I know that I am more into it like many out there. I am happy when Real Madrid wins, more importantly when Ronaldo scores the winning goal. I am also happy to see Barcelona lose a match and anything couldn’t be better than Madrid beating Barcelona.
Real Madrid Team
Letting the best of football be, we have our own team built with ourselves. It’s been almost a year, BIA 11 (Bhutanese Institute of Architects 11) have been most of the time at the losing end of the game. There are many matches where we lost heavily, but there are also few matches where we really made a statement of a winning team. It’s bitter sweet memories and after my family, football is what I love most. I am quite sure we would have contributed to the Changlimithang more than 50k so far. Afterall, even when we won, we paid around Nu.150 and when we lost, it doubled.
BIA 11
In the cold wintry winds of Thimphu, we have often found ourselves thinning the pocket almost every match. There was no improvement at all. Once we lost a match by more than a dozen goals and that one of the opponent back out of the game. We lost heavily and that the game was discontinued made us feel so low. However, revenge was served to them when we won the next match against them, and it was around 8 to 3 goals. Since then, we always took it serious and now we have established ourselves as a decent team.

By the way, we are open to challenge any team out there, so if you have your team, we can have at least some sort of friendly match.  For the record, we lost our latest match and we are in 4 match losing streak.


  1. Haha. Interesting post, man. I would like to see your team play once. Please invite me when you are playing. I am coming to Thimphu soon. :)

    1. sure man...would love to invite your team to play against us someday...:)