Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To My Sweetheart!

I ain’t a poet…but I would have loved so much to be able to write one for this sweet girl. :((
I have a big day marked in my life, well not just in my life but in our whole family, smiles. And I will never forget the day- how am I suppose to forget the day how much I became happy to have one and only sister in my life- the day you were born. And tomorrow you will become a year older.
It was a long five months wait before I saw you. I wished I had the wings to fly and kiss you then. But I still liked the way I waited to see you and hold you. The period kept me from other worries –I haven’t seen you then, I rejoiced imagining how beautiful you will be. And that was the most beautiful period. All thanks to you, Sweetheart!
I used to hate so much in my early days when I was made to skip classes only to baby sit my younger brothers, but today I feel proud that I have been all along with them as an elder brother. And now I hate missing this chance to be there beside you and play with you. 

Six months before, you were so naive even to not to recognize mother, but now I know you recognize people around you- at least mom, dad and brothers around you who are at home, and I fear that tomorrow when I come home, you will cry out when I try kissing you or when I pick you up    ..:)you won’t be able to recognize this big brother of yours!
In the family of six siblings, and as an eldest brother of yours, I wish you Happy Birthday- your presence in family has brought immense happiness and indescribable joy in all our lives.


  1. thank you...thank you for visiting ma blog...

  2. happy birthday to ur sweet heart,...wishing her a long life and great future....

  3. This is so sweet! You made me miss my Own younger brother Now! :(

  4. Happy birthday to your sister,hope you both cherish this relationship...its the best..making me miss my sister,who I lost very recently.

  5. Alpana...sorry to know about your sister....i know the pain of losing such things in life....She is my life...all source of motovation and happiness and i also fear so much that what if sth happens to her....will i be able to keep tight and in control....thanx for your wishing,,,:)

  6. New life, new hope!
    The King Solomon says in Proverbs:
    "If educate (Chanoch) the child according to his nature, when grow up will not abandon what it learned."

    Read mre: