Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking the Back Seat

While we are so much humbly-down-to-earth for our own interest and works, there is so much a possibility one being not-so-positive about oneself. There’re more people who do not lag behind in many things in life, but most of them end up putting themselves humbly at the back seat of the event even if it’s the one that concerns one the most. Doubting oneself is like a disease; it’ll tear and wear you down, if not, will always keep you suffering. There is so much negativity and skepticism about oneself. And today it’s spread like a plague- every second, most god-damn (Not god-forsaken) people on earth has this feeling of underestimating oneself.
Part of the problem is that we're trying to live up to someone else's expectations instead of our own...”
And certainly like in the case of above excerpts, most of us obnoxiously feel ourselves so much in a place surrounded by echelons of perfectionists as if there are lots. Our paranoid feelings give rise to pessimistic ideas, and all that one end up at the end with will be nothing but a halted dreams which could have sailed if not for fearing others perfection so much while keeping oneself behind the silhouettes of self-doubt and fear.
Many do not even try.
“This ain’t good enough, so why bother myself?”
There are many reasons for it, and one prime reason which I know is criticism which results in becoming more self-doubting. You can’t survive the criticisms from others. You can either try to pick it up as the good tips for positive improvement or just ignore it for all your good interest persuasion without any distraction. Fear of being unable to digest criticisms result in keeping oneself suppressed and beaten. It deters one then to even try doing what one is interested in doing. There can’t be any one more paranoiac than oneself. You can’t be more pessimistic than a person who would have discouraged you for you all not-so-good works.
Show it to share with others, and learn if at all you have anything to get from others. It’s all about learning the mistakes and improving it to be more verse and enthusiastic. Everyone knows we can’t be like the ones who have done great things, but can aspire to be like them, and for that one needs to be interested and confident about one’s work.
I always believe that there’s nothing and anyone as such to be called as perfect and judgmental.  It’s easy to be critical about others, even though. Anyone can only be either of two; one who follows ones interest regardless of how bad is one in the very field of interest( but wants to improve) while other who knows too much of what he is capable of.
So friends, even though I ain’t qualified enough to write something of this sort, I am encouraging (if this is all that I can do best) people to not to underestimate yourself. World can be full of negative influences and pessimistic ideas, you can’t sit back and wait for your dreams to get washed away. World can be full of best, you can’t compare yourself to them and start lying back realizing your incompetent ability. It’s all about doing things that give happiness and pleasure which of course could end up being judged or criticized, but it isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of learning more. Let world be so high and so great, best for you is to have your circle interesting and confident.  


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