Friday, January 21, 2011

An Ode to Cody: Meet the Gold Medalist!

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There are rare moments in any individual’s life which deserved to be remembered forever. These are special glimpses of life and believe me, life seldom offers such beautiful moments. And it’s not always that you are gifted with such blessings.
Well, its now been almost a year and six months. We had the party celebration; we drank, ate, and danced for his achievement. The good tiding flew far and wide amongst his good wishers. The father of him has been the proudest of all. Even winning a first prize in balloon bursting competition in nursery would bring a smile to a father’s face and a cheer to a mother’s life so winning a gold medal could have had such wonderful pride and happiness which I won’t be able to justify with my words. Meet the gold medalist, Yeshi Jamtsho, the man with many successful gifts.  
He embodies the perseverance, excellence and enthusiasm; nothing beats the one with these qualities.
There are always few things which tend to act away from your direction. But the destined ones are always the one who end up in a right place. He almost missed this opportunity of being able to do architecture when the result declared had chained him to bollards on a bay with ship almost getting sailed away to the land he dreamt of, he never expected a low academic performance. The destiny can never be changed, but it can be rewritten of course. It was a correction mistake which otherwise would have meant Yeshi being declared as the whole Bhutan topper for class 12 in a first place. Of course the due recognition was conferred afterwards. Ya! This guy topped class twelve when the correction marks came up, and it was not late for him to get enrolled into the most coveted and sought course then.
To get recognition as great as gold medal in Indian college, you have to be one in hundreds or even more. The best days are far from glory as it’s always filled with consistent diligence and undeviating hardships. And to especially do better continuously in architecture is beyond anyone’s comprehension. How can one be able to come out with good works which have conquered the heart and the soul of people who even though have varying opinions and perspectives about architecture?  And to be able to convince everyone and to come out with adorning achievements would mean something way beyond being good. And he certainly makes all the Bhutanese Students here in college proud. Your winning of gold medal has proven inspirational to many of us and I hope it proves more inspirational to every aspiring student who dreams of becoming an architect.
Its been seldom that Bhutanese achieve such recognitions in an international platforms. And when someone finally achieves, it should be an uncalled duty of other fellow Bhutanese to paint the felicitation of appreciation and Tashi Delek.
Congratulation Yeshi aka Cody!
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